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6 ways digital survey tools can streamline condition surveys for fit-out companies 

25.06.2024 | 3 min read | Written by George Barnes

The rapid world of fit-outs relies on the accuracy and efficiency of condition surveys, ensuring a project plan that’s both realistic and achievable. Unfortunately, traditional survey methods can be slow and prone to human error, causing delays and higher costs. 

You’ve probably tried to up your efficiency in condition surveys with various programmes and devices. But what if you had one platform that could single-handedly eliminate many of the challenges faced during condition surveys. That’s what you can expect from PlanRadar. So let’s take a closer look at how it works. 


1. Tackling condition survey pitfalls with purpose-built digital tools 

2. Digital documentation and record-keeping 

3. Efficient communication and collaboration 

4. Accessibility and mobility 

5. Customisation and reporting 

6. Compliance and standards 

7. Integration with other systems 

8. Boosting survey efficiency 

“With PlanRadar everybody can see what’s going on. We’ve got a much less siloed and a much more concentrated overview of projects. It’s just great. I think once you’ve done snagging through PlanRadar, you would never go back because it’s so much easier.”

Alex Turner, Head of Digital Design and Construction at Oktra

Tackling condition survey pitfalls with purpose-built digital tools 

Condition surveys are the foundation upon which any fit-out project is built. But performing these surveys manually, complete with human error, can compromise the survey process’s effectiveness. That’s where digital survey tools like PlanRadar come to the rescue. 

These tools not only simplify the data collection and analysis process, they can also significantly reduce the probability of errors.  

Here’s are 6 ways PlanRadar can help: 

1. Digital documentation and record-keeping 

  • Centralised data storage: All information collected during the condition survey can be stored digitally in one place, reducing the risk of losing important data. 
  • Photo and video documentation: Your fit-out teams can capture and attach photos and videos directly to digital plans, providing visual evidence of the initial conditions. 
  • Automatic time stamping: All entries are time-stamped, ensuring an accurate record of when data was collected. 


2. Efficient communication and collaboration 

  • Real-time updates: Team members can update the survey findings in real-time, ensuring everyone has access to the most current information. 
  • Task assignment and tracking: Specific issues identified during the survey can be assigned to team members, with progress tracked directly within the platform. 
  • Instant notifications: Stakeholders receive notifications of any significant findings or updates, enhancing communication and decision-making. 


3. Accessibility and Mobility 

  • Mobile accessibility: PlanRadar’s mobile app allows team members to conduct surveys using smartphones or tablets, increasing flexibility and efficiency in the field. 
  • Offline functionality: Surveys can be conducted even in areas with no internet connection, with data syncing once back online. 


4. Customisation and reporting 

  • Customisable forms and checklists: You can create custom forms and checklists tailored to your specific needs, ensuring all necessary data is captured. 
  • Detailed reporting: The platform can generate comprehensive reports that compile all findings, which can be shared with clients or used for internal reference. 


5. Compliance and standards 

  • Standardised procedures: Using PlanRadar ensures that all condition surveys follow a standardised procedure, which can help in meeting regulatory requirements and maintaining consistency across projects. 
  • Audit Trail: The platform maintains an audit trail of all actions taken, which can be crucial for compliance and accountability purposes. 


6. Integration with other systems 

  • BIM Integration: PlanRadar can integrate with Building Information Modelling (BIM) systems, allowing for a seamless flow of information between different project stages. 
  • API Access: The platform’s API allows integration with other software tools, enhancing its functionality and adaptability to specific business needs. 


“After introducing PlanRadar, we were able to hand over our biggest project to the client with the best finish to a job that we’ve ever had.”

Luke Chambers, Director at HCIP Ltd

Boosting survey efficiency 

What does this mean for your fit-out business? Essentially this technology means you can save invaluable time and resources – giving you more time to complete more projects and ultimately scale your operations. 

In an industry where time equals money, the ability to conduct quick, precise, and efficient surveys is indispensable. And by using PlanRadar you can stay ahead of the game, delivering projects on time and within budget.  

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