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Construction scheduling software benefits are not only limited to helping you with delivering your job on time and on budget, but they also reduce risks, delays and enhance your communication with your team. However, in order to use this software, you must decide what is the main purpose or task you need this software to perform. We will show you some little changes which you can do while using your scheduling app that will optimize your work and keep you on track.

Provide a reliable accountability during scheduling your project: Engage your work on the scheduling app with updated numbers and costs from all  project parties. This takes you away from the blind spot where you are working on an already set schedule while costs are going into a completely different path.

Watch the scheduling app in action on site: Watch your team while using the software on-site in the targeted tasks. Ask them for rating it and if they have any claims about the newly installed application track them until they are completely resolved.

Provide alignment between project teams: According to the national research council approximately 15.6 billion dollars per year are lost as construction waste due to “lack of interoperability.” This is actually a result of lack of alignment between project teams. The solution for this problem is to provide a field real-time digital communication software with an online cloud feature as Planradar.

3-Steps tactic you can utilize to use your contractor apps effectively

Scheduling is one of the most complex parts of the construction project. However, complication doesn’t mean skipping. It’s a challenge that if you pass, you will be in a safe zone for a good period of time. The importance of scheduling extends far by ending the project safely to reach every detail of the project. With proper scheduling, you ensure that there’s no work duplication, overlay or even decrease in the efficiency of workers. When you´re certain about your goals and deadlines your productivity increase. For you as a contractor time is money, but how are you going to save this money without a well-designed schedule? In the following, we will demonstrate a simple method that you can use to raise your software efficiency on site.

  1. Organize
    1. Structure your schedule.
    2. Use templates and task lists.
    3. Document everything.
  2. Direct
    1. Supervise your team.
    2. Offer training.
    3. Motivate.
  3. Control
    1. Review your plans.
    2. Track progress.
    3. Make a risk assessment plan.

If you followed these steps, you will get the outmost benefit of your scheduling software. And if you are still in doubt to choose one, follow the next simple steps to take your decision.

10 Steps to find the best general contractor software

To choose the best construction software you have always to be updated with all the new features and systems. One of the biggest upgrades in the technology market are cloud computing features. This should be your first consideration while selecting your construction software now. With this system, you are always connected with your team, suppliers and clients at the same time. It saves you money because it eliminates the need to invest in hardware devices since web-based software can run from any operating system. If you are a general contractor and you want to select the most suitable software, we suggest for you to follow these next steps:

  1. Internal analysis: Talk to your team about their demands and summarize them in points.
  2. Industry analysis: Perform an updated analysis of the new trends in market and be aware of your competitor’s
  3. Listing: Develop a list of products that fit with both your company and the industry needs.
  4. Criticism: Put a criterion that you are will use to compare between all the software.
  5. Contact companies: It’s important to contact the software companies and ask for the recent pricings, offers and engage in a webinar to discuss every detail one to one not only from the website.
  6. Test application: Don’t buy fish in water, take the advantage of testing the software you selected yourself, so you can know more about all the pros and cons.
  7. Select: Now you can clearly determine which software meet your critical needs or not.
  8. Purchase: Select the number of licenses needed for your company and purchase them.
  9. Implement: Provide a small training to your team so you can be sure that they are getting all the benefits from this software. Make sure that everyone knows how to use it according to his tasks.
  10. Monitor: The last step is to always track the application efficiency and to make reports that compare productivity before and after using it to calculate your yield.

In this article, you have known how to select your software, how to get the outmost profit from it and what are the little changes you need to do in your work to be an expert. Now it’s time to evaluate yourself. Next, we will let you know what are the signs that show you that you have become a professional in this field.

Construction planning software enhancing your managerial skills with small tips

Building and construction management is not an easy work. You are dealing with one of the most branching and intersecting kind of tasks. In order to operate this work, you are in need for various types of skills that will take you to the expert level of work.

Leadership skills: A good leader is not about just giving orders. The leader is the one who pushes his team and stands in their back.

Communication skills: It’s better to have your team follow your instructions as an act of respect and love not as machinery orders. Always reward the good actions and appreciate them that is the key to this kind of success.

Time management skills: The open door of failure is running out of time. You should manage construction work timings and dates to be always going on track.

Risk management skills: Risk leads to stress and stress knocks down the project. If you had the skill of expecting risks and planning for how to avoid each one of them, you are taking yourself to a new level of work.

Negotiating skills: Good words can solve wars. Learn how to negotiate on your demands and how to discuss in the stressed situations of claims and disputes. Wise words save you work and reputation.

By the end of this article, you have gained a clearer view of the general contractor professional-level tips and tricks and how to choose the best construction apps that matches with your need. Don’t hesitate to pick PlanRadar as your software and if you need any further information or inquiries you can contact our customer care center anytime.