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Increase efficiency with digital construction project management

Use insights to drive success

Use insights to drive success

Simple and customizable dashboards offer an honest overview of project progress.

Stick to your timeline

Stick to your timeline

Digital workflows increase efficiency across your team, helping you beat deadlines and complete projects on time.

Deliver a quality build

Deliver a quality build

Give your team everything they need to build it right, the first time.

We are very impressed with the ease of use on the go and the good clarity in the app. The 3D view and easy navigation within BIM models enable faster and more detailed identification and communication of facts.

Deliver on-schedule

Deliver on-schedule

Use the schedule functionality to organise all phases of your project. Import from Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, or ASTA Powerproject and add existing tasks directly into a Gantt view. Gain clear oversight to identify contractor and resource issues early, to ensure an on-time delivery.

Real-Time Dashboards

Real-Time Dashboards

Keep insights at your fingertips with easy to understand charts and metrics helping you to identify opportunities & issues.

Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights

Avoid delays and unexpected costs with reports generated from live site data. Receive full, transparent information in just a few clicks so you’re always up to speed.

Digital Tools for High-Quality Results

Digital Tools for High-Quality Results

Manage quality assurance and defect resolution and align with subcontractors in one single platform.

Streamlined Site Visits

Streamlined Site Visits

Make the most of your time on-site by keeping all project information accessible in PlanRadar. View plans, create tasks and capture problems – all from a mobile device.

How PlanRadar’s construction project management app benefits you:

Stay on schedule.

Stay on schedule. The information you need, when you need it, helping you to adjust your plans to today’s needs.

Simplified decision making.

Simplified decision making. A complete audit trail with time-stamped visual evidence removes conflicts between contractors.

Reliable reports.

Reliable reports. Upload existing reports and forms to collect consistent information from on-site teams.

Solve issues faster.

Solve issues faster. Log on-site visits and inspections findings immediately, notifying contractors in real-time for immediate resolution.

Enhanced security.

Enhanced security. With all documents and activities safely stored in the cloud, prevent information loss between teams while keeping data secure.

Improved productivity.

Improved productivity. Spend your time on project management, delegate design teams to update plan versions directly and on-site teams to export project information into the reports you need.

Solutions for Project Managers

Task Management

Task Management

Simplify team oversight – create and assign tasks, set deadlines, track progress and communicate with team members, all in one application.

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Project Analysis & Insights

Project Analysis & Insights

Change the game with real-time data from PlanRadar. View, segment and export live project data at any time for an unfiltered and unedited overview of project progress.

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Easily create handover documents, collecting all necessary data digitally, and adding notes or punch list items during the final inspection using your mobile device.

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What is construction project management software?

Project management software allows project managers to better manage their different jobs, from overseeing budgets to assigning jobs to different teams to action. While these platforms have historically been desktop-based, there is an increasing call for mobile-first software, especially in construction. Specialist construction project management software offers features that are designed for the industry, such as plan management and the ability to share and interact using BIM models. As an example, PlanRadar combines several project management tasks into a single platform where project managers, site managers and other specialists can collaborate to ensure projects are a success. Project managers can also use the input from other users to generate statistics and reports, track project progress and report to their client or senior management. All of these tools help construction project managers keep their building projects on-time and on-budget. Read more about the benefits of project management software in construction.

Project managers in construction are extremely busy and carry a high level of responsibility. Construction project management software allows a project manager to identify issues and intervene before they have a major impact on costs or deadlines. They can also save them a huge amount of time and effort, which they can then invest in other important work. With a tool that makes information easy to find and understand, construction project managers can feel supported and less stressed. Read more about how project management software can reduce stress for construction managers.

There’s no reason why small businesses can’t use project management software, but many of them hesitate to invest due to the cost. However, without as many employees or large budgets of bigger companies, small firms need to find ways to be smarter with their time and resources. Construction project management software can help you to identify the areas where you can save money and can decrease the number of defects that you need to spend time fixing. The savings can make investing in platforms like PlanRadar very cost-effective for small businesses. Software providers also offer packages designed for small businesses. For example, even the cheapest licence type at PlanRadar lets you invite an unlimited number of subcontractors for free, making it easy to get a small team working on the platform using just a single licence.

Yes, you can try PlanRadar for free during a 30-day trial. During this time you can test real life scenarios inside the software, and even invite external users to the platform. We also offer custom consultations with our in-house experts if you have any questions you want answered before starting your free trial.

The best project management software is the one that meets the needs of your business and doesn’t cause too much disruption when implemented. Chances are, you already have some software and processes that work really well. When it comes to picking something that will enhance your project managers’ work, make sure that any features work with your existing structures and workflows. Don’t start from scratch. Where possible, try your options in real life by using free trials and ask plenty of questions. If possible, get people from different areas of your company to test the software and give their opinions. Don’t forget to consider the amount of training your team may need before getting started, and ask whether training is included in any quote. Get quotes and see if you need a custom price – many providers offer Enterprise licences for large companies. Finally, review your findings thoroughly before choosing the option that’s best for your business.

Yes, BIM model management is one of PlanRadar’s key features. Our BIM model viewer allows document managers to put BIM models into the hands of workers on-site. The openBIM solution allows uploads of IFC files exported from Revit, ArchiCAD, AllPlan, Navisworks, and more and enables PlanRadar users (including subcontractors) to work directly on the model for more accurate annotations. You can also export data collected within PlanRadar as a BCF file to sync back to your CAD Software, so that design teams can make any necessary changes. Find out more about managing BIM models in PlanRadar here.

PlanRadar offer our customers an open API and webhooks, which means that we can usually find a way to support the integrations that your business needs. When it comes to plan management and document sharing, PlanRadar automatically integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. Learn more about our integrations.

We are always delighted to hear from potential customers, no matter where you’re based. We currently work with teams in more than 60 countries. Our 11 offices are based across Europe and we work with verified Sales Partners in many other regions so that there is always local support. Get in touch with our international team today.

Key Terms – Project Managers


The process of verifying and testing systems and components of a construction project to ensure they function properly and meet specifications.

The planning, execution, and monitoring of project communication processes to ensure effective information exchange among stakeholders.

The management and coordination of construction activities, including documentation, progress monitoring, and contract administration.

Detailed graphical representations that communicate the design and specifications of a construction project.

A project delivery method where a single entity is responsible for both the design and construction of the project.

The implementation and enforcement of health and safety policies and procedures to ensure a safe working environment.

Insights, knowledge, and experiences gained from a project that can be applied to future projects to improve performance and outcomes.

The process of acquiring goods, services, or works from external sources, including vendor selection, contract negotiation, and contract management.

The formal process of finalizing and formally ending a project, including the completion of all activities, documentation, and final reporting.

The tangible or intangible outputs or results that must be produced or completed to fulfill the project’s objectives.

A timeline or timetable that outlines the sequence of activities and milestones in a construction project.

The defined boundaries and deliverables of a construction project, including objectives, requirements, and constraints.

The distribution and utilization of resources, such as labor, equipment, and materials, to meet project requirements.

The identification, assessment, and mitigation of risks and uncertainties that may affect the success of a construction project.

An on-site examination of construction work to assess compliance with specifications, codes, and safety regulations.

The process of identifying and assessing the interests, needs, expectations, and influences of project stakeholders.

The systematic identification, analysis, and engagement of project stakeholders, including clients, contractors, suppliers, and regulatory bodies.

A collaborative and systematic process that seeks to optimize project value by considering cost, quality, and functionality.

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