The keywords management & maintenance are linked to each other when we are talking about the building industry. The PlanRadar property maintenance software helps property owners, investors, and facility managers maintain and manage their buildings in four ways:

  1. Learn how CMMS automates project management, tasks, and documentation
  2. It optimizes your workflow and saves you up to 7 hours a week
  3. It reveals new contractor insights into your daily business operations,
  4. it ensures you to stay in touch with every contact partner.

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Redundant information consumes up to 90% of work time

During maintenance management, most of the time is lost through the resolving of redundant information and unequal data versions between project participants and managers. Learn how to track your work processes by using CMMS software and without to pile unnecessary data. There are plenty of requests to manage at the same time in order to provide your costumer with support, high-quality work and compelling service through consistent property maintenance and management. A Roland Berger study has shown, that especially in construction projects, workers spend up to 70% of their work time searching for materials and site clearing. Construction Managers even spend up to 90% of their work with communication and contact maintenance in order to keep costs low. This is because project participants access different versions of information or refer to documents that are not up to date. CMMS systems (Computerized Maintenance Management System) help to track your work and optimize the processes of your business through tracking sequences.

This situation is like a vicious cycle: Due to the increased communication effort, double information arises, which in turn requires a lot of management work and a long post-processing effort in order to be solved without the service of adequate software. Different information versions and their decentralized storage makes effective communication impossible and causes delays in work which strains your business. That’s why we are reliant on a property maintenance software which supports your management. As a PlanRadar customer, it becomes easy for you to save your free time instead of spending it on paperwork. You can start tracking orders and organize your project with our CMMS system now 30 days free of charge!

The PlanRadar CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) features help eliminate these issues during the construction and maintenance processes by connecting the project participants via the mobile and/or web app for a better work procedure. Tracking your employees and monitoring their work has never been that easy. Ensuring efficient plan and deficiency management, as well as construction documentation for evidence cases, are the main features of our property asset management and maintenance software. You can manage different buildings, projects, defects, and craftsman simultaneously from your office or mobile end device while providing everyone with the latest project data. Find out yourself and work with PlanRadar software 30 days for free!

According to our customer reports (from builders to planners to craftsmen, property- and facility managers), PlanRadar saves up to seven hours a week and allows up to 70% time and cost efficiency by optimizing your business and workflow. We´d like you to learn how to use this additional benefit for your work or asset management.

“Computerized maintenance management systems or software (CMMS) enables executives through rational and systematic processes an efficient long-term planning and preventive maintenance of all your buildings. Furthermore, you can fully adopt CMMS solutions to your core business” – Constantin Köck, CTO PlanRadar.

Redundant information has a significant impact on renovation and reconstruction purposes in facility- and property asset management:

  • They increase costs in the building lifecycle and simultaneously
  • reduce the project’s return on investment (ROI).


Contact us to get a free demo and a free webinar into PlanRadar property maintenance software! Become a PlanRadar customer and start to optimize your project management with our service for free within the first month.

Use the PlanRadar property maintenance software to reduce the costs of the real estate life cycle

Save resources by assigning tasks via app

Our property maintenance management software enables all project participants to efficiently manage their projects through communication that does not allow any loss of information. With PlanRadar, you get access to many property management and maintenance features through your mobile phone. This will facilitate your requests, orders, support good service and organize each and every single contact relevant for your construction project. Via mobile devices, you will be able to assign tasks within seconds while taking into account each of your assignee´s competence and availability. The assignee will automatically receive an in-app notification (also available via e-mail) which will remind him or her to complete the maintenance task. PlanRadar is going to track all operational procedures for you and keep you up-to-date.

Task management

Assign tickets directly to the responsible contact person by using our mobile maintenance management software application. The entire communication history of all project participants is stored centrally in the PlanRadar cloud, which allows you to search for tasks, status, assignees, orders, deadlines and more. With only a few clicks, you can download detailed documentation which you can use as great support when it comes to evidence cases. Validation is easy with PlanRadar.

Monitoring and analysis

Which contractor works most efficiently? Who has done most of the tasks reliably and which of your maintenance requests, orders, work or service has been rejected? Use PlanRadar to get new insights and statistics about your contractor’s performance to draw conclusions for the future. Order our maintenance software and learn how to track all the steps taken by your contractors in order to get better results regarding their work. Tracking sequences and operational procedures have never been so transparent.

Use our free facility manager software demo version and contact us to assemble your knowledge about property management and real asset software using great features to support you and your service in maintenance, construction and project management. Our easy to learn and customer-friendly software service is now available to you. Read more maintenance and related topics in the PlanRadar blog!