PlanRadar’s punch list app boosts your efficiency during the construction and closeout phases. Our software informs you about important tasks and progress, so you can take action as soon as possible. Save up to two hours of rework time for every job site inspection hour!

digital blueprint displayed-in PlanRadar web application

The most time saving punch list app around

The PlanRadar punch list app will provide you with all the tools for quick and efficient inspections and construction management on site. You can forgo plans, paper sheets, lists, external cameras, voice recorders, and all the things you had to use and carry through your walkthrough with just one new software.

Do you remember recording notes on paper, bunching them together into word and excel files, and sending them to every contractor on site via e-mail? The PlanRadar punch list app will do this work for you! Test our project and punchlist management tool 30 days for free and add PlanRadar to your daily operating systems in 2018.

While you’re doing your walkthrough reporting defects you can directly send specific tasks and instructions to the responsible contractors by simply creating a ticket. PlanRadar will automatically send you notifications if photos, comments, and other information are added. You can be sure that there is no information loss with this convenient process of creating a detailed punch list! Download our easy to use app for any iOS and Android devices to use it on the construction field. Now you can start to review and resolve issues in your construction project on the go or even from home.

Give subcontractors a different permission

give subcontractors a different permission

We distinguish between two kinds of contractors – in-house contractors and subcontractors. While your teammates will be able to create, view, or edit (new) tickets subcontractors only get limited permissions. The management of the whole team on the field will be easy with PlanRadar but it remains your responsibility.

They may, however, upload photos, comment on existing tickets, and export ticket data. Adding subcontractors is free of charge. You can also add as many subs to your project as you want. Rest assured that changing and approving tickets and lists will be under your control.

But that’s not all! You can go even further and share all the tickets, for example, with the owner and your subcontractors, and provide every party with different information on the punch list. Unlike other architecture apps, you can easily login to our web app and edit roles for different project participants in our software. While one party may only see created tickets to resolve certain issues, you can provide the rest of the team with detailed construction project information.


Customized on demand reports and statistics

measuring contractors perfomance

All created tickets are the basis for your reports and statistics no matter which field of work. Yes, that means that every one of your team colleagues and contractors is actually creating the punch list! Want to share your construction punch list with your client or architect?

With just a few clicks and a minute of your time, you can download all the information from our cloud and export your branded and customized report! You can print it out or send it via e-mail.

Measuring contractor’s performance: Detailed statistics give you insights and a review of your subcontractor’s work. You can easily measure how many tickets have been created, completed, or rejected and take that into account for your next construction project. Reports like this give you further insights about the work efficiency on site.

Save time during closeout period

Complete all reported defects during the construction closeout with lightning-fast efficiency. Every completed ticket, which was created in the PlanRadar punch list app, must be approved by a user who has the permission to do so. This process allows you to reach closeout fast without missing any items. Punch list and contractor management have never been that easy before even if you´re working from home! Digitization finally fully reaches the construction sector in 2018. Here is your chance to start with our software demo version one month free of charge!