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The real estate sector is one of the anchor markets worldwide with an asset of more than $228 trillion. The real estate agent is the primary type of jobs in this market that is in threat now of being replaced by industry software. The new software solutions are changing how both owners and clients can manage their properties. The owner now can scan his tenants, record billings, document maintenance reports and market for his property at the same time. All on his own. Without a property management agency or agent. And the license price of using this software is even more affordable than most of the old classical solutions. While the client or tenant can open his application, search for offered properties by destination, check their condition, and even going an extra mile by having VR walks inside the apartment all from his couch. It’s remarkable how this upcoming and growing real estate software is changing the whole story. The impact of using this software nourished the industry and encouraged a lot of introvert owners to take a further step from using their assets because you no longer have to make one to one meetings and calls, you can manage all through the app. Also, the process of big data collection helped real estate companies to sell better, they now know the actual demand of the client, and that’s what they build their marketing campaigns upon. However, aside from the residential sector, commercial real estate is the most profiting investment sector in real estate. Know how to hunt a chance in this market. Next.

Commercial property management software the new gate for investment

Commercial real estate is any property used to generate regular profit. It is considered one of the oldest approaches used in the investment sector. It is different from the standard type of trade because, in typical businesses, you use your assets in buy and sell operation. While in the commercial property, you got your profit at the same time while saving the real value of the asset, and it is increasing. A golden loop of investment that attracted millions for years. Retail buildings, warehouses, offices, clinics and mixed-use properties are different kinds for this type of investment that guaranteed constant income potential and limited time of work at the same time. But as with every business, there must be cons; higher value initial investment, more maintenance commitment, and complex legalities are also included in this scenario. To overcome these minor disadvantages, commercial property management software became the glowing solution by offering financial, administrative and technical services for managing property work.

Cloud-based property management software now can manage leases, schedule maintenance, and track rent payments. Especially if your scale of investment is more than three assets, then you are going to face difficulties in remembering tenant data or even storing them in an excel sheet. With the cloud option, you have all the needed information all stored online and available to reach any time. But the question remains, what is the best app for managing commercial properties that match my needs? Below is the answer.

5 Best real estate app for managing commercial properties

To know what the best real estate management software is, you have to know first what you are searching for. Generally, there are three main features that the chosen software must include, owner and tenant separate portals, this will allow the owner to pay any property funds for maintenance and to receive requests from the tenant, and will allow the tenant to pay online and submit a request for inspection or maintenance. Marketing feature, to enable you to post your property online and determine the suitable rent for it. Accounting feature to generate financial reports and helps you to take pivotal monetary decisions. To help you make this step, here are the top 5 commercial software you can benefit from in the commercial real estate management:

  1. AppFolio Property Manager.
  2. Yardi Breeze Property Management.
  3. RealPage Commercial.
  4. MRI Commercial Management.
  5. SKYLINE Software.

If your target market is the US, you have to know how worthy is it to invest in the commercial real estate sector in the U.S? and what is strategic predictions for this market? But if your target market is not exposed in using this software yet, have you ever thought of building your own real estate management app?

Can you create your own real estate management software?

If you’re managing a real estate complex firm, yes you can. Because the budget of building your own app will be less than what you pay for all your agent’s licenses, this way you will have a real estate agent software instead. Plus, a lot of benefits as:

Supporting specific languages and currencies: You can support a different language market and currencies according to your investment target.

Enhancing scalability: When you have your app, you can upscale it in different markets depending on your property locations around the world.

Designing specific features: In most of the apps, you can pay for a feature that you do not use. But in a different scenario when you are using your own app, you’ll pay only for the right UX features you need.

Independence: Using a SaaS is subjected to different changes and upgrades that might change your working routine. Operating your software will save you from any negative changes.

Commercial real estate software is the most promising investment tool nowadays. If you’re willing to start your own business in this sector, check four these 4 commercial real estate pieces of advice that can change your design perspective. And never forget that technology implementation is the first step in your business route.