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"For us, PlanRadar performs a dual function — we use it to monitor defects and to control the progress of works on the construction site; and the most important advantage is the fact it allows us to create reports and fix problems quickly directly on the construction site."

Ilya Belzhan,

Head, Expert Engineer at Gark Consulting

Gark Consulting: Complete Construction Documentation in Just a Few Seconds with PlanRadar

The use of PlanRadar digital tool to monitor defects and control the progress of works on site

Gark Consulting was founded in 1993. This company has a respected name in the Croatian construction industry and works with public and private investors, as well as with foreign investors and developers. Gark Consulting also provides services to foreign consulting companies as a local partner (surveys, analysis, consultations, supervision, etc.).

One of its specializations is consulting and engineering support for documentation development for international companies on construction tenders in Croatia. The company employs experienced and young engineers, thereby providing the best team of specialists able to perform any task in the field of development, architecture, civil engineering and engineering services.

Construction software is changing business for the better

Among the renowned clients of the team from Zagreb are IKEA, Valamar Riviera, LIDL, Kaufland,, the projects: the Rijeka-Zagreb Highway, Water Supply and Sewerage of Zagreb County, to name just a few. Being a progressive company, Gark Consulting uses modern digital solutions for various projects where professional engineers are involved. One of the best digital solutions is PlanRadar. Gark Consulting team started using it among the first.

Seven out of 14 employees of Gark Consulting are certified civil engineers. They work with many projects: hotels, shopping malls, public buildings, and supermarkets — there are no facilities that the company’s specialists could not cope with them. And with PlanRadar, they can do their job even more efficiently.

“In our office, PlanRadar has a dual function — we use it to monitor defects and to control the progress of work on the construction site, and the most important advantage is the fact itallows us to create reports and fix problems quickly directly on the construction site”, Belzhan, the head of the company, describes how software development companies are used.

Gark Consulting can see a great advantage of the fact that with this software they can inspect the entire construction site in a very short time — previously it took a lot of working time. PlanRadar saves a lot of time and effort for the company’s engineers from Zagreb. The saved time is effectively directed to other tasks — the work productivity increases significantly.

Ilya Belzhan clarifies “With this software, we can inspect the entire construction site within a couple of hours: we just mark in pre-created forms what works are being made and at what stage they are — and in a couple of clicks, a ready report can be sent to the investor and partners. Previously, we had to record everything manually — with a pen on paper and also use separate devices like cameras and voice recorders”. This is how Ilya Belzhan describes his experience with the software.

Solution: the use of the software has reduced the time for technical inspections, reports, and acceptance

It was not difficult for them to get started with PlanRadar — moreover, this tool is convenient to use, and not vice versa, as it often happens. “As soon as we got used to PlanRadar (it was pretty fast), we created our own ticket forms corresponding to our internal system — it’s very easy to customize them. Therefore, we can now quickly and easily access the data we need at any time.”

“The possibility to take photos, remove defects directly in the application, plus transparent communication with the team and contractors, the opportunity to monitor their comments in real time — all these benefits cannot be overestimated! All photos, all records of all defects or inconsistencies, all messages from the project members, as well as field notes and automatically generated reports are stored in a single system that can be accessed by the entire team and subcontractors.”

Not just the process of fixing defects and inconsistencies is really automated and simplified, but also the work with construction drawings — and engineers no longer need to monitor the progress of the project with a large inconvenient bundle of papers in their hands — everything is securely and conveniently stored on a mobile device.

Result: saving time on report making

Quick access to data and creating reports directly at the construction site in a few clicks is the reason why Mr. Belzhan and his team use PlanRadar’s mobile app in addition to the desktop version. “We actively use not only the web version of PlanRadar, but also the mobile application – both online or offline.

While we are at the construction site, we just collect data with a mobile phone, and then we use the web application for the subsequent data processing and export that we perform in the office. At the construction site, PlanRadar is our main platform for collaboration: it is very convenient to have drawings of the entire construction site in one device, clearly visible.”

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Gark Consulting uses PlanRadar for the following tasks

Defect Management

Defect Management

With PlanRadar, the company's specialists make snag lists on-site and supplement them with information in the form of notes, photos, videos, and voice recordings directly from their smartphones.

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Construction Supervision

Construction Supervision

With PlanRadar, you can carry out construction supervision of the site directly from your smartphone: engineers no longer need to carry bundles of paper drawings with them — all the documents and digital tickets are in your smartphone.

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Construction Documentation

Construction Documentation

With PlanRadar, inspections of the site take place in a couple of hours: simple fixation in checklists, and automatic pre-created forms. Reports are ready in a couple of clicks right on the construction site.

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