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Building design software – The era of digital blueprints

16.07.2019 | 5 min read | Written by Thomas Lehner

The man in the suit and the helmet holds the portable computer and shows up on the screen to the worker in overalls in an industrial building

Did you ever look up the number of papers consumed daily? Currently, there are 7.7 billion human beings wandering the world, and constantly dependent on natural resources for completing their daily life duties. Each individual alive consumes an average of 2 pieces of paper every single hour, while in return the world loses 10 litres of water to produce a single A4-sheet paper.

The number of paper produced so far in 2019 has exceeded 291 million pieces, let that sink in while knowing that according to The World Counts organization, it is believed that the demand for paper to double between 2005 and 2030. Another study conducted by The Confederation of European Paper Industries in 2018 showed that from raw materials to be transformed into paper, 114.7 million tonnes of wood was consumed. A new developed building design software shall reduce all of this running energy, time and costs.

You may not have thought about the many different aspects related to producing a single piece of paper, as much as you have thought about the bug you face while using your mobile phone or sending an email. No matter how old you are or to which generation you associate with, we have all decided to abide by the worldly rules and digitalize our lives.

PlanRadar may not be a building design software but more as a construction management tool, that is meeting the need of the global digital move, through providing a hands-on experience to all project participants. Straightforwardly, everyone on site can document and detect all the defects by communicating with colleagues, monitoring work progress and tracking changes.

Even though the construction industry is on a substantial considerable growth, it is among the least digitalized industries in the world, according to The McKinsey Global Institute. New technologies as building design software and apps haven’t been adopted yet by the decision makers at the industry, regardless of how vital it is and how noticeable the difference is.

Benefits of going paperless

  • Avoid losing and finding a document.
  • Collaborate easier through email threads.
  • Keep records to all stages, from planning and creating to execution.
  • Have access for all documents remotely.
  • Retrieve any lost information.
  • Have a faster process of communication.
  • Save space by storing all documents digitally.


An architect aims to produce a tight coordinated detailed asset of construction document, working towards minimizing issues found on site. However, relying on pen and paper on site would make achieving it hard on all parties. Falling for the trap of not coping up with the worldly digitalization trend could lead to waste of time, loss of data and reduction of productivity.

Whereas, the high potential of technological practice in the field of construction has been a long-awaited move, that has not been fully adopted by many. When you accumulate documents on one cloud-based platform you allow each member involved in the project to have access to any form of the site update. In fact, losing data on site can lead to rework which is one of the main enemies for professionals working in the construction industry.

A blueprint app to the rescue

In order to execute any building project, an architectural drawing is required, drawn by architects and defining all details, accurately. At PlanRadar, our blueprint app is designed mainly to work on the comfort of all users. All you need to do is upload your image in pdf or jpg format and let us do the magic. The application does not only promote efficiency but also increases visibility and improves a better workflow for all the workers on site. In construction, delay of time means more money, and more money concludes to over-budgeting, the thing all project owners intend to avoid.

Whether you are an owner, a builder, field manager, engineer, contractor or sub-contractor, having an updated version of the digital blueprints makes it simple to collaborate and align one vision. Through the blueprint app, you can detect defects, label them directly on the digital drawing and the building plan. With real-time updates, you can issue a ticket, mark the defect on your digital blueprint, leave a note and assign directly to the responsible person. At ease, all team members get an updatable version of the blueprint, assuring a smoother and quicker execution process.

If your aim is to facilitate and ease the project-cycle, PlanRadar, the construction software app , is your way to go. Although construction projects are getting more complex, an effective way of communication drives towards a faster solution. We all agree that missing out on a simple piece of information can surely lead to a complicated delay status.

A building estimating software improves productivity in construction

With the current pace of the digital revolution, there are endless possibilities of mobile applications. It is no longer an advantage in construction, but rather a necessity, increasing operational efficiency in construction. Therefore, a paperless way of communication eliminates time-consuming duties that are assigned to contractors and subcontractors. In the world of construction, a paperless system creates a more streamlined business, increases companies’ profitability, and benefits the end user and subsequently the project owner.

Although transitioning to digital cannot be done over a day, imagine how easy would it be for any contractor on site who needs to find information. He can easily reach out to his smartphone instead of physically looking for the answer on site. By being in tune with all the details of the project, there will always be room for adjustment and improvement, increasing efficiency in all areas.

Change is not easy; change comes at a cost.

Choosing to work in construction means your goal is to improve peoples lives, and for that to be easily achieved, you need to adopt a smart way of communication. By implementing a cutting-edge building software app, you raise your company’s market status higher, investing in your team and your future.

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