How facility manager software can simplify your workflow

Facility management during construction saves medium- and long-term costs in the lifecycle of a building. Good facility management will help to optimize the building from a management perspective while it is still under construction on site. Maintenance starts with the first day a user enters the building and everyday business and work processes start. Learn about how to use software solutions to manage your future facilities based on your organizational duties.

Since facility managers are rarely entrusted with the supervision and maintenance of only one object, but often follow a credo as self-employed persons -the more objects, the more profitable -, we would like to present you the PlanRadar software as a tool for an optimized asset and facility management. Faster and smoother work, which also secures you against liability issues, allows you to land more orders and still meet your responsibilities. Based on this knowledge, we want you to learn more about our service and the best software solution for your needs.

Facility Manager Software

The interpretation of a building as a living organism, to which all kinds of processes and information are inherent, leads to a virtually holistic approach to the tasks of a Facility Manager. Management costs and their reduction are correlated with the coordination of a variety of processes that serve to maintain the values of technology, aesthetics, and usability and thus maintain or increase the price of entire structural works and their facilities. Maintenance of facilities and assets are part of your everyday service. To keep your customer satisfied and your business on track, in the long run, it might be necessary for you to work with a mobile software solution which fits the main needs of your service. Become a mobile user of our management and maintenance software PlanRadar.

Facility Management – Challenge and Responsibility

Management software for the maintenance of facilities or a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) in the real estate sector has to deal with huge amounts of data. Only through the collection of information, it becomes possible to optimize the usage of resources like manpower, time and money to have energy efficient buildings. As a facility manager, you plan the commissioning of the building. This includes the infrastructure of the building as well as the users and their requirements for the building and space. Offering the complexity of your activity to the owner of an extensive building for maintenance reasons as an added value means to understand its technical equipment and functionality as well as the end user. This creates a great potential for organizational confusion or even conflicts of interest in between good management based on your work and the service of other contractors.

Particularly technical facility management systems (or CMMS) have to deal with complicated technical structures such as those found in industry. Specialists are needed to prevent real failure of electrical and computer-controlled installations as part of air conditioning systems, freight elevators or complex computer servers, and to initiate targeted measures in the event of damage, in order to put the technical building equipment back into operation. These are the main assets and facilities of a building.

In the event of a breakdown, it is often no longer just a matter of a lot of money, but a serious breach of duty within the framework of your statutory management responsibility and the service you provided to your customer. The term -organizational fault – refers to the violation of organizational duty, which includes the following points:

  • Culpability regarding the establishment of the organizational and operational structure
  • Selection fault
  • Direct negligence
  • Monitoring fault.


In order to be able to avoid liability in the long term, facility management also requires a clear use of organization with quick paths and processes and at the same time documentation that can be proven, because, in case of doubt, you’ll see yourself absent on business – in court.

PlanRadar software as a documentation tool for defect management and fault management intervenes at precisely this point and ensures a clear distribution of tasks and a proven history of compliance with obligations. Test the software and mobile app in your daily work now for 30 days free of charge!

Facility Manager Software – Your Problem and Our Solution

The PlanRadar facility management app for your mobile device and also via the web platform offers software which is suitable as a documentation tool in case of technical and non-technical malfunctions and deficiencies which your management has to solve quickly. From now on you don’t need more than your smartphone or tablet to create information based on building plans and a digital file that you can access and manage at any time within seconds. After uploading the plans of your facilities as Pdf, Jpg or Png file in the interface, you can document processes chronologically. With the “Tickets” function, you will learn to make direct comments, assign them to those responsible, keep track of the projects, all information and track their completion status in real-time. This way of working will help you with getting to sustainable building design.

The contents of such a ticket are tailored to your needs! Information in the form of photos, spoken and written annotations are just as possible as notes on deadlines, contractors, priorities and the state of completion of certain facilities. You can access your records from anywhere and any time via your mobile device. These solutions are going to save you many working hours and the following costs.

Communication with all project participants is quick, intuitive and easy. Everyone who owns a smartphone and works on the project will be informed about his tasks and can access, document and check them in the protocol after their completion. These data stored in a cloud, are available to you at any time for export as a Pdf or Excel file. Use them for your customer reports and your own protection. PlanRadar software saves analogous documents and automates the chronological documentation of your facility management and maintenance tasks for complete evidence security.

An interface for managers

Asset maintenance and asset management are supported by property maintenance software solutions to help you manage your facilities. Systems like PlanRadar help you to become a high performer in asset and facility management while saving you costs and time.

Property management, technical building equipment, secure energy supply, and fault management are your responsibility as a Facility Manager and the assets of your customer! Finding quick and functional solutions and their implementation is your daily bread and butter. With our facilities management software PlanRadar, you remain competitive and at the same time protect yourself against legal contingencies by using our documentation tool. Use the possibilities of our software solution and manage your business based on systems which are easy to learn and will spare you tons of maintenance work. Contact us now!

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