Document & Plan Management

Reduce errors and rework with all plan and document versions and approvals tracked in one place

Over 150,000 users across 75+ countries are eliminating paperwork with PlanRadar

Centralise document management for construction and real estate projects


Digitally store all project data, accessible on mobile or desktop devices.


File documents into easy-access folders for quick reference.


Markup plans and share feedback on documents.


Record plan and document approvals with date and timestamps.


Ensure the right team members access the right information with a robust user permission system.

Manage Versions

Compare file revisions while always working off the latest version.


Find documents fast with an easy search function.


Keep all project data securely stored in the cloud.

With PlanRadar, we are able to efficiently measure and document findings on-site and to communicate and process them further.

Purpose-built for construction & real estate projects

Purpose-built for construction & real estate projects

Streamline projects and connect the office and project site with all plans, documents, on-site tasks and reports are in one digital platform.

Document approvals

Document approvals

Manage Submittals, Transmittals or any document approval process. With a flexible platform, PlanRadar adapts to your document management workflows.

Document collaboration and versioning

Document collaboration and versioning

Store and reference all document versions in one place, with all comments and feedback tracked, creating a digital audit trail.

Compare, revise & approve digital plans

Compare, revise & approve digital plans

Keep plans at your fingertips with all versions, changes and approvals digitally tracked. Share the latest plan instantly with the whole team.

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Safe, secure storage

Peace of mind that your plans are securely stored.

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No-code integrations

Automate plan management with other software systems.

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Fast and simple onboarding

Easy-to-use interface keeps it simple for your team to manage digital plans.

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Experience the benefits of digital document management

Avoid information loss.

Avoid information loss. Never lose paper markups again with everything stored digitally.

Reduce risk and rework.

Reduce risk and rework. With all comments, revisions and approval tracked, it’s easy to keep projects on track.

All project information always at your fingertips.

All project information always at your fingertips. Access all information, even on mobile from the project site.

Keep the team up to speed.

Keep the team up to speed. Everyone working off the latest plan and document versions.

A digital audit trail for full claims protection .

A digital audit trail for full claims protection . Every approval and sign-off, documented with date and timestamps.


What is construction document management software?

Construction document management software is software that is specialised both for document control, storage and distribution but also for the specific needs of the construction industry. For example, PlanRadar’s features allow you to upload and instantly share plans and BIM models with your entire team and also offers tools to compare and annotate plans. You also have the option to store documents like installation manuals, warranties or health & safety information within the platform. Finally, some document management software allows you to generate documentation, add e-signatures and store the resulting reports securely in the platform.

It is essential that project managers and site managers have access to project document management software so that they can make sure they are working from the most up to date documents. You may also have an in-house document manager whose role is to keep the project document management system up to date. In small companies, this role may be held by a general administrator who liaises between architects, engineers and site teams. Finally, with PlanRadar you can give subcontractors and other site-based team members access to the documents that are most relevant to them via free subcontractor accounts. When adding files, you can set custom permissions so that you keep private information private, while sharing information that your site teams need to be effective.

Construction projects are extremely complex, with hundreds of plans and plan versions, reports and other documents moving between team members every day. Document management software adds some order to this chaos, making it easier to find the information you need. Cloud-based document management software for construction also allows you to share documents in real-time with an unlimited number of people, which removes any delays that you might have experienced when sharing paper documents. You can also easily replace outdated documents with more recent versions and they’ll be automatically distributed to the relevant people.

Yes! PlanRadar offers all users a 30-day free trial to explore the different features and to test how PlanRadar would work for their business. You can also book a consultation where one of our experts will discuss your exact needs and show you how the software can be adapted to your daily tasks.

Yes, our UK office is based in London. You can find us at 24/25 The Shard, Office 25.05, 32 London Bridge Street, London SE1 9SG, United Kingdom. Just call +44 20 396 629 06 to make an appointment.

Before deciding on the best document management software for your construction business, you should understand exactly what you need. Make a list of must-have features, alongside a list of features that you’d like but aren’t vital. Next, research the options available, using your list of essential features to create a shortlist of candidates. Test potential options using free trials, attend demonstrations and request prices from document management software providers. Ask questions to clarify how their product works in specific scenarios. You should also assess the level of support included and the amount of training you’ll need to get started. After completing your research, compare the list of available features, other pros and cons and prices to decide which one fits your business best. You can find out more about how PlanRadar can help the entire construction process on our construction management software page.

Absolutely. To make document sharing and plan management even easier, PlanRadar integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. We also offer an open API and Webhooks, so if there’s a specific integration that you’re looking for, we offer support so that you can achieve what you need.

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