Create reports in the exact format required

Create reports in the exact format required

  • Structure your reports to match regulatory or organisation standard templates
  • Ensure all subcontractors and team members report to the same standards
  • Remove the need for duplicative data entry & avoid information loss

Templates for any reporting requirement

Template Builder

Create the exact report you need!

Our Template Builder lets you define exactly what information to display in reports. Format to match your company guidelines, client preferences or regulatory standards and export into a ready-to-read report.

Upload Existing PFD Forms

Bring existing report templates into PlanRadar!

Replicate your reporting processes in PlanRadar to keep everything organised in one platform. Simply upload your existing PDF Forms into PlanRadar with Project Reports.

Basic Report Template

Easy & simple exports!

Use the PlanRadar template to export your project data. Customise with cover pages, tables of contents and more to meet reporting requirements.

Site diary and daily reports

Site diary and daily reports

With a site diary template, daily documentation becomes a breeze. Collect site information while on the go and simply export into a report, removing the need for day-end data entry. Choose the project details to include, such as number of workers onsite and weather conditions.

Fire safety reports

Streamline your fire safety inspections with quick reporting. Create a report to include exact industry regulation standards for fire safety reports. Once an inspection is complete, information is quickly displayed in your report template, saving time and duplicative data entry.

Snag report

Snag report

With just a few clicks, you can export all your snagging information into an actionable report. You decide on the structure of your snagging reports. Highlight high-priority information, such as overdue tasks. Include supplementary information such as images, documents, or plan sections to clearly communicate snagging issues.

Health & safety reports

Create actionable reports to quickly address any health or safety issues. Set up your template to clearly display project risks and priority tasks. Include locations, images, and recommendations right in the report to support fast action.

Home inspection checklist

Home inspection checklist

It’s easy to display key information in your home inspection checklist. Quickly generate a recap report after examining a property’s foundation, roof, HVAC system, interior plumbing, electrical systems and more! Create the report right after your inspection is complete from your mobile or tablet device.

Handover Checklist

Handover Checklist

Save the hassle of compiling pages of handover information, and simply include your project data in a quick, easy-to-use report. Easily export all tasks, snags and other issues into an actionable handover checklist. Include photos and comments to provide an extra level of detail where required.

All the advantages in a single glance:

Fully customisable report templates – build reports to exact requirements

Report templates can replicate exact regulation or company standards

Consistent reporting from all subcontractors and project team members

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