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Digitize your real estate portfolio. Flexible capabilities for all markets and portfolio sizes.


Over 150,000 users across 75+ countries are eliminating paperwork with PlanRadar

Centralize operations with real estate management software

Optimize operating costs

Optimize operating costs

Get real-time data on each property and your team’s use of resources, making decision-making easy.

Minimize downtime

Minimize downtime

Schedule preventative maintenance and respond swiftly to emergency repairs to ensure your property achieves its full potential.

Streamline collaboration

Streamline collaboration

All communication in one platform. Track all decisions and work completed for a secure and transparent audit trail.

At the moment, there is particular pressure on retail managers to reduce operating costs. We see PlanRadar as an option that will provide concrete time-savings for our colleagues while being cost-effective. The initial roll-out will focus on streamlining the repair and maintenance process, but we see plenty of other processes that could benefit from this flexible solution in the future.

Manage the whole project lifecycle

Manage the whole project lifecycle

Real estate development software stores all data in a single platform.

  • Maintain digital twins – Upload 2D blueprints, BIM models and other essential documents. Export all asset data at any time.
  • Custom reports – Create report templates that meet your needs and those of your investors.
  • Secure evidence collection – Collect and access your property’s historical data at any time.
Know the status of your property portfolio

Know the status of your property portfolio

Get live insights into the status of your properties. When something happens, you’ll be the first to know.

  • Track property assets – Create digital twins by adding data from inspections. Share all information in real-time with the whole team.
  • Custom checklists for every inspection – OSHA compliance checklists, fire safety, daily upkeep lists and more.
  • Easy due diligence – Extract all relevant data in a single click.
Connect your office and field-based teams

Connect your office and field-based teams

Mobile communication built for real estate projects enables all team members to centrally access their tasks and deadlines.

  • Chat capabilities – Chats connected to specific tasks track communication. Push notifications enable fast decision-making.
  • Free subcontractors – Add external vendors to oversee work and increase transparency.
  • Photo & media documentation – Collect and share photos, videos, and audio messages.
Solve problems and avoid downtime

Solve problems and avoid downtime

Schedule recurring preventative maintenance to prevent breakdowns and respond to emergency repairs as soon as possible.

  • Intuitive ticketing system – Speed up approvals for repair work and eliminate unnecessary emails and calls.
  • Track timelines – Transparent view on time taken for all tasks and any missed deadlines.
  • Analyse data – Identify trends and prevent recurring issues.
  • Maintenance Schedule – Organize tasks into a Gantt chart to easily oversee project progress.

How real estate and property managers benefit from PlanRadar:

Increased productivity.

Increased productivity. Easy-to-use mobile app enables oversight and document access from any location,

Optimal operations.

Optimal operations. Monitor renovation projects, schedule preventative maintenance and respond to emergency repairs in one place.

No information loss.

No information loss. Digital handovers keep all parties aligned and create audit trails for peace of mind.

Manage teams with confidence.

Manage teams with confidence. Permissions settings focus team members on what matters most.

Secure data and document storage.

Secure data and document storage. No more lost files or plans, keep everything in the Cloud.

Simple compliance.

Simple compliance. Reduce paperwork and standardise inspections to ensure compliance with OSHA regulations.

PlanRadar helped us to increase transparency and efficiency in all our processes – from inspections to handovers of our projects.

Solutions for Real Estate Operations

Fault Recording

Fault Recording

Record faults directly on a mobile device while at the property, no office follow-up required. Assign & set deadlines directly in the app, with subcontractors updating work completed using free accounts. 

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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Never forget maintenance tasks with automated reminders. Create standard checklists to ensure maintenance checks are performed to the same standard, every time.

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Zero information loss when taking over an asset. Notes or faults are added on location during the final inspection and can be sent to the contractor to resolve.

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What is real estate management software?

Real estate and property management software is a genre of programs, platforms, and apps that are designed to support the work of asset managers, property managers and building owners. Each tech solution offers a different range of features. However, they frequently include features for maintenance management, tools for safety inspections, communication options, and other useful tools.

There are several business reasons why you might need to use building maintenance software, even if your property portfolio is relatively small. First and foremost, to ensure that you are regularly taking care of necessary maintenance and can quickly respond to repairs. Keeping a property maintained is key to making sure it is profitable. It can also help with your sustainability goals. By reducing your risk of breakdowns, you also keep your clients happy. Second, if you employ facility managers (or if your business is a property and facility management business) then you can use property maintenance software to oversee their work and assign tasks. The best maintenance software solutions, including PlanRadar, allow you to track the work of external vendors and contractors. Finally, maintenance software can help you to comply with health and safety regulations and prove that you’re keeping up with compliance. Overall, property maintenance software makes it easier to keep your properties up and running and fulfilling their potential.

The first task when choosing a property management software is to identify your business needs. Where are you looking to improve? Select your core goals and consider the features software would need to achieve those goals. The second step is doing your research and creating a shortlist. Make sure to use free trials and request product demonstrations. Finally, sit down with your whole team and discuss which offering fits your business best. Make sure to ask questions about pricing, support and training for different members of your team.

Yes! Thanks to PlanRadar’s flexible pricing model, it is a great option for businesses of all sizes. However, small property management businesses need to be smarter with their resources than big ones, and PlanRadar can be helpful in identifying opportunities to save time and money. If you’re working alone and just use subcontractors to handle certain tasks, then it’s also easy to balance your workload and manage external contractors with just one PlanRadar license. That makes it an extremely cost-effective solution that lets you offer your customers the same level of service as a large company.

The best real estate and property management software can solve a range of your business’s challenges – which means that the best solution for you could be different to the best solution for your competitor. A lot depends on the scale of your company and the sectors you serve. Are you mostly operating residential units with long term tenants? Do you have to manage warehouses or logistics facilities with complex essential machinery to maintain? Do you employ facility managers or do you have a contract with another company for that service? Do you need a system that can handle billing, or do you need a solution that can integrate with your existing software infrastructure? PlanRadar works for asset managers who need to oversee property portfolios at a high level, but it also works for property and facility managers who are operational every day. The best real estate software meets your needs, is easy to implement, requires little maintenance and doesn’t require hours of training.

PlanRadar helps residential property managers significantly speed up their processes. Your business could become more efficient and legally compliant by using PlanRadar for safety inspections, scheduled maintenance, repair requests, property handover forms and more. Read more about software for residential property management.

Property inspections are a core use of PlanRadar. Users can inspect a property with their smartphone in hand and can immediately create tickets for any issues that they uncover. Whether you’re doing a safety inspection or you’re looking for snags after a renovation project, PlanRadar allows you to fully document your findings and pull them into usable reports in seconds. Find out more about the benefits of property inspection apps.

Yes! PlanRadar offers a 30-day free trial , which gives you time to test how the software would work for your business. You can also contact our team of experts for a bespoke consultation that is tailored to your business needs.

Yes – PlanRadar is designed to be used on location via free apps built for Android and iOS. The system is built with the mobile user in mind, so it is extremely intuitive to use. Our users tell us that onboarding for subcontractors takes less than 10 minutes. There is also a version of PlanRadar for browsers which has additional features – at least one team member needs to use the desktop version in order to add plans to projects. All apps versions are compatible with older versions of browsers or operating systems.

PlanRadar is used by some of the world’s best-known real estate and property management companies, including CBRE, Siemens, and Vinci Facilities . We are always in conversation with our customers to ensure PlanRadar works for property managers. We also make sure that our customers’ data is secure. We are ISO 27001-certified, a standard that ensures high-quality information security management.

Yes, PlanRadar integrates with several other software solutions. We offer an open API and Webhooks, so if there’s an integration that you need, it’s likely that you can achieve your goals. PlanRadar also integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive for seamless document sharing.

Yes! We have 11 offices across Europe with local teams to support your experience. We also work with verified Sales Partners in dozens of countries around the world, making sure that our customers are almost always able to speak to experts in their own language. You can get in touch with one of our international teams for a personal consultation.

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