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Maintenance with PlanRadar

Efficient maintenance with your mobile device

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Making sure a building operates at its best is time-consuming work.

PlanRadar enables simple planning and implementation of ongoing maintenance or one-off repairs. With a digital plan and a mobile device, facility managers can stay on top of everything while on-the-go.

Digitise your workflow in under 10 minutes!

Collect data

With PlanRadar, you or your facility management team can use a digital plan to carry out inspections and manage day-to-day tasks. Coordinate maintenance checks, repairs, take inventories and arrange technical maintenance work on your mobile device.

Record issues on site with pictures, text or voice memos. Create custom checklists for a building’s specific needs. Thanks to the offline function, you can get to work even when you’re not in range of a connection.


PlanRadar’s cloud-based software distributes information to your whole team. Assign tasks for repairs to staff or external contractors. Schedule recurring maintenance and automatically notify the person responsible each time the task is due. Set deadlines for tasks and see at a glance which are overdue.

External contractors can use PlanRadar for free to access the information relevant to them and communicate with the facility manager. Push notifications inform the team when new tasks have been created or changes have been made to existing ones.

Evaluate & Report

PlanRadar automatically tracks statistics on all tickets created and data collected. Thanks to the statistics dashboard, you can get an immediate overview of completed and ongoing maintenance work.

At the push of a button, you can also generate fully customisable reports and export them as a PDF or Excel file. You can customise the content and appearance to create professional reports in moments, saving you time when reporting to the building owner or asset manager.

With PlanRadar, you can organise and coordinate maintenance and repairs while managing a property.

You can stay updated on the current status of any work and can see at a glance what still has to be done. Communication is also easy, whether it’s with your own team or external contractors.

Digitise your workflow in under 10 minutes!

Your benefits at a glance:

Eliminate miscommunication by sharing information in one system

Communicate maintenance measures in real-time and schedule recurring tasks

Generate detailed reports at the push of a button