Snag app – A constructive tool for construction professionals

close up details of engineer working on laptop on construction site

As of this moment, there are 2.2 million apps available on the App store and 2.8 million apps on the Google Play Store ready for someone to download them. We are all on our phones most of the time daily, from a sleep app and a to-do list for the errands you want to run after work to the social media charisma we create for ourselves.

When it comes to a construction site, any authoritative member can detect a defect on-site that might disrupt the delivery date or the general work process overall. However, that would not be the case anymore as long as you have a construction snagging app that is well distributed across your site. Inspecting sites is no one-man show, if you are a construction owner, contractor, architect, engineer, or a construction manager, it lies in your pool of responsibilities to keep your eyes wide open.

Importance of a snag list in construction

The PlanRadar construction tracking software app for defect management is a digital form of support for any error detected on site. At any point, a contractor can be around the site and sees a crack on the wall, what happens afterwards can be rough or one of the easiest tasks in-hand. A site snagging app gives a person the luxury of creating a ticket right away, with a photo attached and a comment box allowing the assignee to understand the overall picture. Not just that, our software digitally integrates the construction and turns it into a punch list, it also acts as a directory that guides all members on-site and gives an overview of the running and completed responsibilities.

By far, the best snagging app around

The presented feature allows all parties to have the leading edge and be capable of working pro-actively. Construction projects are often complex and one mistake can make the whole situation more complicated, but not when you have in-hand a construction snagging app that keeps you ahead of the game. Four main reasons why you should consider a snagging app on site:

  1. Cloud-based access that centralizes all data and synchronises automatically across various devices. It allows the whole team to stay aligned without doubting to lose one piece of paper.
  2. At your own time and on your own pace you can assure that your team is not wasting any time on useless tasks running around the site and easily check which area has the defect.
  3. Digitally present with how you can follow-up on the current status of the defect and hear back for the assignee if the issue was fixed yet.
  4. Transparency and speed when it comes to sharing the project’s overall situation to the owner and what is left to be handled.

Another matter arises when it comes to discussing snag lists, the importance of early inspection. Detecting defects early on-site gives space for all parties involved to have the upper hand by identifying the error, tracking all the ongoing amendments, redirecting the task to the responsible person and monitor the progress. Listing the benefits of a site snagging app can go on for long, but let me portray some for you. When early inspection happens on-site, you do not only control the time-frame and the project schedule but also avoid cost-overrun and highly protect the firm’s credibility.

When a construction snagging app saves your pocket

Construction costs are increasing by the year, marking a 4.3% jump and is expected to keep getting busier.

Source: Turner & Townsend

One of the most awakening concerns when it comes to construction projects is a cost overrun. On any construction site, there are so many interlacing factors that would lead to having an unexpected budget overrun. Nevertheless, implementing a digital solution on-site us a key player for saving money, time and effort.

If you decide to use our site snagging app, you can guarantee yourself and your whole team a smooth-running plan. The bigger your construction site is, the more tasks you will have in hand and that’s when you would need to have a documentation and defect management tool in hand that allows one-self to have too many responsibilities in hand, simplified by an app.

Another common pitfall to put in mind is the lack of software solutions embracing, although it has been proven that enhances productivity and increases efficiency. Digital technologies are capable of reducing the cost of the construction project by up to 45%, but then again it is not any kind of app will fit with any kind of company or team.

According to McKinsey & Company, each company needs to deeply study its capabilities before implementing any software and allows everyone on board to use it. Sorting out where you stand should be under one of the three following categories:

  • Type A: The companies that are nascent and freshly being presented to the market with limited investment in innovative solutions and lacking a clear digital strategy.
  • Type B: For those who are prominent, willing to risk their investment plans on a digital solution while having the basic technological capabilities present.
  • Type C: The market whales also defined as digitally prone companies with large investments in pockets and fully ready to espouse across different digital solutions. With an immediate intention to steer the well-rooted capabilities in the organization towards a new experience.

In the final analysis, all construction companies need to minimise horrendous work hiccups and think of all the possibilities on the table, maybe then turning the table on calculators and excel sheets would pay off well.