Two months in the new decade and PlanRadar is already kicking off with more than 7.000 clients, 60.000+ number of users, working on 25.000+ projects per week across the spectrum of 40+ countries globally. The features we are presenting below are for the go-getters who want to get the best out of the platform.

PlanRadar Baustellen App kostenlos für Auftragnehmer

1. Sign your projects digitally

Through the app, you can save yourself the hassle and have your signature self-generate itself. On any project you desire, instead of creating your signature on any other platform and then inserting it on the app, we thought about your time and got a step nearer.

2. Everyone on the project can take part

Each member of the project can become a user on the app at the same time. PlanRadar application has no restriction on the number of active affiliates on a project. Whether it is for a subcontractor, a contractor or a facility manager, once the access is granted from the project owner, no one will overlap anyone’s access.

3. No WiFi? No problem

Although we are in 2020, how many times have you lost your internet connection amidst working or downloading a significant file? What the app offers stands out in terms of not worrying about connection. You can still work while not connected to the internet; all your tasks will carry-on normally. From issuing tickets and modifying plans to making any change on the project. Once you go back online, all the changes will be synchronized and automatically pushes notifications to all concerned parties.

4. BIM is coming live

In 2020, one of the main objectives we aspire to launch is to integrate Building Information Modelling (BIM) in our app, with IFC standard in mind. With the aim to visually access all kinds of information about a specific construction project in 3D. Alongside with the integration of 2D view on all data, PlanRadar offers a holistic experience for all professionals in the industry.

5. You won’t miss any notification

When it comes to a construction site, many aspects of the job are carried within. Whether it’s about scheduling, contracts or site updates, they are all under the supervision of one project owner. With the feature of pushing notification, no project owner will miss an important piece of information that must be circulated and well-addressed.

6. Old plan vs. New Plan

Not a single member of the project would want to re-work. On a construction site, a plan is always subject to change and if the change was not communicated as soon as possible, it will cause cost-overrun and wasting valuable time. Hence, comes our part where you overview the new plan with its modification and compare it to the old one, conveniently. The app can automatically detect any change in the plan and highlights it in different colours.

7. Security and safety

A construction site has thousands of aspects, a plan after the other and many intersections of data and information. Now imagine these projects get accidentally deleted? No one on site would benefit from such an incident. In terms of assurance, only the registered account owner (the project creator) can delete any slide although all projects get saved even after closing it.

8. Filtering functions

At PlanRadar, we pay great attention to quality and how to witness a project being delivered with a great outcome. Further, our software allows any project’ party to add a filter after the other hoping to constantly keep the site transparent and facilitate the work process overall.

9. The family of tickets

When it comes to defect management, we know all teams rely on highlighting the error that might disrupt the smoothness of the project. Herein the feature of adding a ticket, assigning it to the responsible person while setting a due date becomes a crucial step. Not only that these tickets are subject to edits and follow up commentary, in respect to how vital these notes are, our platform offers two types of ticketing. A parent ticket and a sub ticket, layering tickets is a form of organisational hierarchy with the help of a subsequent dropdown menu.

PlanRadar 2020 updates and upgrades

Creating a comprehensive platform as such only encourages towards more update and brining more innovative and creative features to the table.

10. User metrics

One of the latest additions to our features is to be able to monitor and track the entire activity of the project team within the company. Now with the help of PlanRadar, you can export statistical reports for the whole project all at once with just a few clicks. This function is expected to save time and effort of producing excel and graphical reports that display the latest progress.

11. Ticket editing

This is a specific type of feature where it becomes handy in times of role changing, where it facilitates the project administrator to re-assign an already existing ticket to a different person.

12. Custom user fields

We have our customer’s best interest in mind and this specific feature comes in handy where each company will have its own ID so that all information can fall under one section. All relevant data to your company will be stored and well-organized.

13. Deactivate ticket layouts

Last addition to our features that was intentionally created to ease your mind is to clean up your ticket layout list. In the latest version, you can move all the accomplished tickets to the archiving section.

At PlanRadar, we intend to deliver the latest technological features that facilitate the lives of architects and engineers eventually creating a sustainable future of buildings.