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Report Templates

Flexible reporting. Your project data, your way.

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PlanRadar’s report template builder enables you to create reports to regulatory standards and replicate your company reporting style with ease.

Digitise paper reports or standardise Word and Excel reports to cut manual, duplicated entry. Export your project data in flexible templates to meet standards or client preferences.

Our sample report templates enable you to edit and adapt the construction site diary, snag report, health and safety audit report, fire safety report and more with ease.

Paper and Excel Reports > Digital Standard Reports

Site diary and daily report templates

At the end of each day, simply export your tasks into a report template and remove the need for duplicate entry. Reproduce regulatory or organisation standard templates by copying Word or Excel report fields via drag & drop, such as number of workers onsite and weather.

Daily data can be exported through your Site Diary or Daily Report template, replicating the analogue style and avoiding information loss.

Template for fire safety reports

Create unlimited report templates to flexibly export project data.

With PlanRadar’s report template builder create exact industry regulation standards for reports such as QHSE fire protection compliance. Integrate data from your PlanRadar projects, placing the data fields, project attributes and style into the exact format you need.

Template for snag report

Cut information loss during the snagging process and ensure all subcontractors and team members report to the same standards.

Arrange the structure of your snags by priority data fields, such as overdue tasks or owner and include supplementary materials such as images, documents, or plan sections. Upload information sheets, such as terms or technical details, to complement your PlanRadar data.

Health & safety audit report template

Customise your report for efficient communication and more transparency. Project risks, locations, images, and recommendations are automatically merged into the health & safety audit template.

Add priorities to quickly give an assessment of practices and processes. Export the complete report with one click to share with ease.

Home inspection checklist template

Pre-set checklists for inspections ensure standards are met and all project team members have the list immediately to hand via mobile devices.

Add to your existing process when examining a property’s foundation, roof, HVAC system, interior plumbing and electrical systems. Digitally check off all points, add comments about identified problems and avoid paperwork.

PlanRadar has created sample report templates so you can meet standards with ease.

Adapt our existing templates for the construction site diary, snag reports, health & safety audit report, fire safety report and more to meet your exact requirements.

Paper and Excel Reports > Digital Standard Reports

All the advantages in a single glance:

Report templates that replicate exact regulation or company standards

Complete your report with project data – no duplicate entry, no information loss

Customise our sample templates to your requirements or copy across paper, Word or Excel reports with ease

Consistent reporting from all subcontractors and project team members