• The project is the largest transport infrastructure project in Tasmania’s history – building a modernised AUD $786 million bridge across the Derwent river.
  • PlanRadar was unanimously chosen as a key project management software vendor, providing capabilities for detailed inspections and reporting to assist in the project running on-time and on-budget.

Render image of the Tasmania Bridgewater infrastructure project

Image of the New Bridgewater Bridge Project - Logos

PlanRadar has announced that they have been formally welcomed as the approved key software vendor for the New Bridgewater Bridge Project in Tasmania, Australia. As a part of this partnership, PlanRadar will be the approved software vendor for managing multiple daily engineering inspections for the next two years.

The mega civil infrastructure project is the building of the largest civil project in Tasmania, an AUD $786 million bridge between Bridgewater and Granton across the Derwent River. The new Bridgewater bridge will be Tasmania’s largest-ever transport infrastructure project.

The new one-kilometre bridge will replace the existing 75-year-old lift-span bridge, providing a new modern crossing of the River Derwent. The new Bridgewater bridge will cut travel times for 22,000 people that use the route each day, and it will also improve freight routes for transport and logistics. Major construction of the new bridge commenced in 2022 and is estimated to be completed in 2024.

The New Bridgewater Bridge Project’s Contract Administration Consultants have engaged PlanRadar as their key software vendor for its data-driven reporting capability to assist them better in managing on-time reporting, inspections, audits, and checks. “When it came time to choose our project inspection software, we unanimously opted to use PlanRadar for their simplicity of use and incredibly detailed, data-driven reporting capabilities,” said a representative from Burbury Consulting.

The New Bridgewater Bridge Project will use PlanRadar to manage inspections, quality assessments, task management, construction documentation, site audits, and other key aspects of construction project management. While PlanRadar is an industry leader with a 120,000+ strong customer base across the world using its real estate and construction project management software platform, this is the company’s first mega civil infrastructure project in Australia.

PlanRadar has previously been used in comparable civil infrastructure projects in Europe, notably the Pelješac Bridge, one of the largest civil projects in Europe, together with its surrounding road and tunnel network. To date, the Pelješac Bridge is one of the largest mega infrastructure projects in southern Croatia, with total costs of €550 million.

“PlanRadar is thrilled to announce our appointment as a key software vendor for the Tasmanian Bridgewater  project,” said Bart Crowther, Regional Lead – Plan Radar, Australia. “The opportunity to work on any civil infrastructure project of this scale is outstanding, and the positive impact for the Tasmanian community – for both the 22,000 daily users and improving freight and logistics routes – is exceptionally important to us. We look forward to working alongside the Tasmanian Government and the Burbury Consulting teams and helping to streamline their ongoing daily site inspection processes.”

About the New Bridgewater Project

The river crossing between Bridgewater and Granton in Tasmania, Australia has a long history. Work to build the causeway started in 1830 and the first bridge connecting the causeway and Bridgewater opened in 1848. The existing Bridgewater Bridge was built in 1946 and is the fourth bridge at this site. Planning to replace the Bridgewater Bridge started more than 20 years ago, with many different designs and plans developed over that time. In 2018, the Australian and Tasmanian governments announced funding to build a new Bridgewater Bridge. Detailed planning started soon after, including site investigations and community consultation. The project is on the way to delivering the state’s largest transport infrastructure project by the end of 2024.

About PlanRadar

PlanRadar is a platform-and-device-independent, web-based SaaS solution (Software as a Service) for documentation and communication in construction and real estate projects. It can be used for fault and task management, maintenance, building inspections, construction documentation, handovers, and more. Using a web application or apps for all smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android, and Windows), teams can share digital floor plans or BIM models, and communicate and track any kind of information. By digitising workflows, PlanRadar reduces the frequency of errors, saves time for all parties involved, and enables enormous increases in efficiency: customers report saving an average 7 working hours each week. The company, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, serves more than 120,000 customers from over 65 countries.

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