Bürokomplex Brennabor

Office block Brennabor

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Project description

The project on the terrain of the former car factory Brennabor includes the turnkey reconstruction of the listed industrial building as well as the new construction of two 5-storey office buildings. Tenant of the 19,000-square-meter office complex is Deutsche Rentenversicherung, which has 1,250 public administration workplaces, together with cafeterias and meeting rooms.

“With PlanRadar we have a simple and uncomplicated tool to improve the workflow in the area of defect management, especially in this larger construction project. We can now quickly and understandably tell the subcontractors or the craftsmen where the defects are. The use of the app on mobile devices allows a fast, comprehensible and efficient capture, transmission and processing of the defects to and by the subcontractor. ” – Schomaker Bauträger GmbH & Co.KG

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