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5 essential features you must have in your construction management software

31.03.2019 | 7 min read | Written by Alexandra Hasek

A construction management software is basically a project management tool that is designed for the construction sector workers. This software has made a revolution in how construction professionals reach their optimum productivity and efficiency.

Every day there is a new software or app on the market that solves one of the construction processes’ problems. The competitiveness is getting higher and between all these options you find it hard to decide which software will match your needs, and which important features will enhance your productivity.

The software breakthrough played a significant role in increasing the effectiveness level among the different construction firms. That’s why it was found that the global construction management software sales volume is forecast to grow about 14% from 2017 to 2021. This boom made it hard to select your appropriate software within all these various types and benefits. However, there are five main features you have to check before choosing your software:

  1. Documentation management
  2. Team connecting
  3. Scheduling
  4. Tracking and reporting
  5. Mobile capabilities

The best thing you can do for yourself and for your company is to choose an integrated software that combines multiple features, like PlanRadar. The software merges all of the previous five features and more with advanced techniques that are also user-friendly. Continue with this article and learn how to implement this software in your workplace.


Construction Company Software Annual Spending Review – How to find room in your Budget for Construction Technology Tools?

Although the construction industry is one of the largest industries, it is the least spending sector on technology tools. It was considered as an afterthought, not as a priority. On a survey that was made by JPKnowldege for the construction technology market in 2016, it was found that 70% of the construction firms spend less than $500,000 yearly on information technology. Digging deeper into the responses of the survey revealed that IT spend only increased to over $500,000 when the company’s annual sales volume was higher than $200 million. With numbers like this, there is no wonder the industry is in decline. At the end of the day, software and technology are the main tools that make jobs easier and more efficient. If you implemented a suitable software be sure that it actually makes a big difference in project productivity, speed, financial gains, reputation, and competitiveness. The following are the main limiting factors that prevent the construction firms from adopting new technologies according to JPknowledge 2015 survey:


  1. Budget: 39%
  2. Lack of support staff: 34%
  3. Management hesitance: 31%
  4. Lack of knowledge about what’s available: 28%
  5. Employee hesitance: 25%


From these statistics, we find out that the most influential factor is the budget. So, the question is how to find room in your budget to implement construction technology tools in your work. The important part of spending is not to spend less but to spend wisely. Spending $5 on something that will give you a noticeable yield on turnover is better than spending $1 on a useless tool. To squeeze your budget in the best way you have to choose the true needs of your project and to do so, ask yourself these questions first:

  • What is the main task you want the software to perform for you?
  • How many licenses do you need?
  • How much cost do you anticipate gaining after using this software?
  • Do you need a special employee to operate this software or is it easy to use?
  • Do you need a mobile application for using this software?


If a small budget makes you reluctant just think of your expenses as an investment. You pay once and wait to gain the yield afterward. There are various numbers of construction software now on the market. Choose a software that can handle more than one task, which is easy to use and has a mobile application. Choose PlanRadar, a software that holds all the important functions you need, saves you time, money and tension. Try the 30 days free of charge version now to live the experience yourself.

Construction Document Management Software – A shortcut route to Project Success

Document management is one of the main cornerstones of the full construction management process. The fact is that most of the project managers don’t prefer the paperwork part of the story. Builders aim to establish new facilities and watch their success become reality in the shape of buildings. However, the documentation part cannot be ignored. Working with plans, reports and punch lists is not a fun thing, one mistake can lead to a huge loss of cost and time. From this point, we realize that a construction documentation software is a must existing tool now. Here are the main reasons you need to adopt documentation technology for your project and what you get in turn:

  • Defect document’s tracking

Plan markups allow you to set what exactly is the defect or the issue you need to track. There is no need for sticky notes or markers on a plan and risk losing the only notice of the defect. Using a document saving software like Planradar allows you to add any number of markups using your phone or your desktop appliance.

  • Cost control

Working with plans that don’t synchronize in real-time can cost you a lot, however, using a documentation software allows you to always have your plans right in your pocket. Avoid using thousands of paper copies and raise the potential of losing oversight. Instead, invest in implementing software that lets all the project stakeholders access their plans from anywhere and at any time.

  • Project updating

In various stages of the project, the owner will demand an update on works, tasks and completion dates of the ongoing construction phase. Having your own platform of documentation allows the owner to check on the latest completion statistics and updates. Using PlanRadar allows you to add most types of documents, not just text files, you can also add photos or memos that support your updating methodology.

Construction Project Tracking Software – 4 ways of tracking you need to know

Establishing a construction management platform requires a full monitoring and tracking system. Your first purpose here is to minimize working hours and eliminate the chance of performing useless work. This is exactly what a tracking software can help you do. The technology market now offers a multifeatured project management software. However, tracking is one of the most important features that you have to include when choosing your plan. Next, you will learn how to minimize your work tension using these four tracking benefits:

  • Team tracking

On using project management software, it becomes easier to collaborate with your team through a specially designed platform. A software like this allows everyone to share documents or status updates so you know what exactly is finished and what is still on the waiting list.

  • Defect tracking

Your project tracking software is your eye on site. It lets you know the progress of each phase and you stay updated on any kind of defects. PlanRadar and its features offer a complete defect tracking software. You can simply mark the defect on the plan, filter its category using the various filters and attach any kind of attachment to the ticket such as photos or voice memos.

  • Schedules tracking

Schedules in the construction project are your guidelines. Using software that supports the scheduling tasks gives you the chance to plan for each project mission. In a glance, you will be able to see all the completed and non-completed tasks so you can schedule them accordingly.

  • Cost and budget tracking

Running out of budget is your first enemy of the project. Organizing and monitoring are your tools to overcome this problem. Use a monitoring software that can save you money and assures that you are following the required steps. PlanRadar saves you up to 40% in costs and 7 working hours daily. Be ready to start saving. Make your decision now and choose PlanRadar. If you need any further information, don’t hesitate to contact our customer care center anytime.

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