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Managing construction projects: 9 out of 10 do not finish construction projects in time

17.12.2017 | 6 min read | Written by Thomas Lehner

1 out of 10 construction projects is efficiently managed or finished on time. Most problems occuring in the early construction stages, where changes have the the most effect on builders, general contractor and their businesses alike. Don’t underestimate how overwhelming it can become to simultaneously manage several construction sites. The current state of managing construction projects is far from satisfying, considering there are specially designed apps that can solve all your problems and save you up to 90 minutes a day – PlanRadar.


Construction delays in a nutshell

The delays in the delivery of construction projects are seen as one of the most frequent problems in the construction industry. In a study by the Journal of Construction Engineering, 28% of the contractors pondered construction delays were very frequent, 61% regarded delays as fairly frequent. Only 11% indicated that they were infrequent. Thus, in the context studied in this case, it seems quite common to have contractors failing to complete construction projects or a work process punctual and on budget.

42 hours lost in traffic jams yearly

An often-known problem in the construction industry – the lack of time. Delays have been frequently reported as the cause of several conflicts that affect the different parties or a whole team involved in construction projects. Time loss can be caused by:

  • Daily visits of simultaneous construction sites. Keeping in mind that each American citizen spends an average of 42 hours a year in traffic jams, means a huge loss for every construction project coordinator. With PlanRadar, for example, you can save the time that would have been lost by controlling projects remotely.
  • Often site visits take longer than planned, the exchange on site with engineers, property developers, contractors, investors and workers delays your time and your precious resource is gone.

Inefficient on-site work delays the successful completion of the project by days or months. Even the best planning wouldn’t solve this problem related to an individual and its work process.

Construction business owners are saving up to 9.000 USD a year with PlanRadar

This is especially true for the owner’s business and project manager, since delaying the startup of the project will impede obtaining the expected project revenue and will increase financing costs. How would you stay within the budget? In addition, the owner may face several other or new difficulties resulting from the commitments assumed based on the delivery date established in the contract. The PlanRadar application (for mobile devices and web platform) is the ultimate project management application for simultaneous defect management and construction documentation, as well as massive time savings when managing multiple projects. Your benefits with PlanRadar:

  • Easy ticketing: As a site manager you can record the actual status, defects or other delays in your construction project directly via the app and via the web platform from your desktop PC or tablet. This saves you a lot of time – your information will be uploaded to the database within 10 seconds and can be viewed by all other project partners respectively your whole team.
  • You can easily communicate directly to colleagues or subcontractors in construction, or to the builders, supervisors, architects etc. from the office. This allows you a better construction risk management of internal processes and passes on a regular flow of your building activities to your team partners.
  • The PlanRadar app automatically creates your digital file, which you can recall at the touch of a button. This helps you, for example, if you want to hire a contractor. The contractor can see any information regarding his work in that kind of ticket, without you having to personally take care of the matter as a project manager.
  • The chronological documentation of all shortcomings facilitates the search for construction defects, contractors, planning state, completion date, text annotations, photos, etc. enormously.
  • Save time on login: Simply log in to the web platform to export the best possible documentation – expensive software installations are not necessary and relieve your budget. Incidentally, you can also personalize your reports and download them as a layouted PDF or Excel file in a new, ready-made layout design (company logo, free text, project photos and more).

Prolonging the project execution time usually results in contractors or a construction manager who has to deal with cost overruns due mostly to the following causes: extra expenses on management personnel, cost escalations of materials, increase of financial cost, paying contract penalties, and so forth. Moreover, given the usual competitive environment in the construction industry, contractors that fail to complete projects on time may get their reputation harmed and become impeded to obtain new contracts. It´s far from easy to manage a good working building business.

PlanRadar is your time saver during the whole construction life cycle

Now, though, not all of the world’s problems can vanish, but PlanRadar can help you manage all of your construction sites conveniently from the office or home. This solution can fundamentally improve the life of the construction industry and record all work steps, documents and to-dos and release them to all involved users. The PlanRadar software automates the construction documentation with a intuitive interface design and provides construction companies and project managers with a digital construction file. The basis for this is a comprehensive defect management, which takes place on the construction sites and is synchronized via mobile devices in the PlanRadar platform. The platform also manages the management of site information, photos, notes, voice recordings, etc. Each defect is created in the form of a digital ticket.

A good time management is half the battle

Regardless of the size of the proposed architectural design or construction project, it is important for everyone involved in a construction process to gain control over costs, site conditions and predictable risks to avoid delays and minimize the consequential costs followed. It is in your interest that the process management of building projects is carried out efficiently since it is above all a resource and budget issue that the industry has increasingly faced in recent years.

Smooth and faultless communication with all project partners seems unlikely given the high level of stress. The loss of information and time pressure can be detrimental to the communication of all project partners and increases follow-up costs too. Since our fast-paced times hardly forgive mistakes and the lack of construction administration in construction projects affects on the reputation of their own company, it is particularly important as a multiplayer in this industry, to get the best support. The aftermath of delays affects all people and organizations involved in the project. PlanRadar is an optimal solution for your construction and design project which allows you to save up to 60 minutes per day.

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