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Fault recording

Fault recording

Maintenence & repairs

Maintenence & repairs

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Inspections & audits



Evidence collection

Evidence collection

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Pins on plans

Pins on plans

  • Pinpoint any discovered risks directly on digital plans and BIM models
  • Pin IFC models to 3D BIM models with automatic versioning, to improve control & transparency from any location
  • Log all issues and recommended actions for fire prevention, fire stopping, passive fire protection and maintenance elements, including facades, communicating with your in-app chat
  • Ensure accountability with everything tracked in a simple tamper-proof audit trail connected to the pin.
Photo & video documentation on-the-go

Photo & video documentation on-the-go

  • Use your smartphone or tablet to record essential evidence and communicate with your team in real-time using photos, videos and audio recordings.
  • Include all relevant evidence in client-ready reports in the format of your choice at the click of a button.
Fully flexible reports

Fully flexible reports

  • Collect and report information the way you need for full compliance.
  • Digitise PAS 79 & FRAs to reduce time spent creating reports.
  • Build  fire risk assessments, fire safety checklists, EWS1 forms, compartmentation and more, having your team complete them in the field, saving time and increasing efficiency.
  • Easy to use for your team to securely build and store custom reports/checklists  or export to PDF in less than 20 seconds.
QR codes & NFC tags

QR codes & NFC tags

  • Place QR codes or NFC tags on all fire safety elements to track location-specific issues. When scanned, live fire documentation for each element will appear, providing a tamper-proof and transparent audit trail
  • Fast and simple to reference specific details on-site or during maintenance checks

“I wanted to improve the working life of my staff. Reporting, writing, and collating information around a survey has always been a laborious task. If we can speed that up in any way, that allows us to focus our energy on delivering our expertise.”


What is fire safety software?

Fire safety software is any digital solution, platform or app that allows you to implement fire safety regulations and keep a building or structure safe from fire risks. It can be used by a number of different people: from specialist fire engineers to QSHE managers at construction companies, to property and facilities managers. Each kind of user needs their fire safety software to do slightly different things, but PlanRadar can cater to them all thanks to customisable fire risk assessment forms and the ability to create bespoke report templates.

Fire safety software has a number of benefits:

  • It allows you to record evidence in a secure and reliable manner, protecting you and your clients from future claims.
  • It can save you up to 7 hours a week on reporting and generating fire safety certificates by automatically populating bespoke templates with all the data you collect during a project.
  • It provides you with a central location to work on everything, whether you’re conducting fire risk assessments, escalating the risks you discover to your clients, communicating with a project team or completing your paperwork.

Fire engineers have to be absolutely precise when it comes to recording and reporting their findings. PlanRadar’s fire safety software enables fire safety experts to pin issues directly to a construction plan in the form of a ticket. Within this ticket, they can add any evidence in the form of photos, videos, voice notes and written comments. All actions in the fire safety app are date- and time-stamped so that you instantly have a full record of everything that you recorded on-site.

Yes. Thanks to PlanRadar’s customisable tickets, you can recreate your company’s EWS1 forms within the platform. You can then enable your experts to go out on-site with a mobile device to complete the assessment, filling in data as they go. In the event that intrusive tests have to be completed, which may include working at height, it is far easier to take photographs and record voice notes via a mobile phone than it is to handle digital cameras or pen and paper. At the end of the process, you can use PlanRadar’s reporting feature to generate a complete report of a building’s status and issue a signed EWS1 form.

Learn more about how one of our customers used PlanRadar to document the installation of additional fire prevention measures underneath existing cladding.

Yes. While PlanRadar comes with a handful of forms built in, including a basic fire risk assessment form, most customers prefer to build their own bespoke versions. This allows them to transfer their existing paper forms almost exactly into the platform. It makes it easier for users to fill in, as they are already familiar with every field and the order in which specific fields appear. However, one of the many benefits of using a digital form versus a paper one is that you can also create drop-down menus that display lists of the most common options. This saves time and ensures consistent data.

When you’re done filling in a digital fire risk assessment template, you can also export the results into a bespoke report template. This can include your company logo, any project details, a cover page and a page for conclusions – plus the contents of the tickets you created, including images.

Yes. PlanRadar can be used by facilities managers for multiple purposes, but monitoring different facets of health & safety compliance is one of the most important. Using PlanRadar, you can build different fire safety checklists that your team should complete daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, depending on your facility. From confirming that fire doors are working properly to checking whether fire extinguishers are inside their “expiration date”, you can document every step with PlanRadar. You can also set recurring reminders so that you never forget to carry out fire safety inspections.

Read more about PlanRadar’s features for facility managers.

PlanRadar is used by leading fire engineers and consultants in the UK and Europe, including Arup and IFC Group. We are constantly in contact with our clients, using their expertise to improve our fire safety software so that it can meet their requirements. We also keep a firm eye on developments in fire safety regulations, both in the UK and abroad. PlanRadar works hard to make sure that our customers’ data is kept safe. Our product complies with ISO 27001 for information security management.

Yes, PlanRadar can be integrated with several other software solutions, including construction software, facilities management software and more. We offer our customers an open API, so if there’s a specific integration that you’re looking for, we can usually find a solution to achieve what you need. For plan management and document sharing, PlanRadar also integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

Yes! PlanRadar offers all potential customers a 30-day free trial so that they can test our fire safety software in action. During your free trial, you can also request a free consultation, so our dedicated team can show you how you can get the best out of PlanRadar.

Yes, our office is located at 24/25 The Shard, Office 25.05, 32 London Bridge Street, London SE1 9SG. Feel free to reach out to us via our website or contact us by phone to make an appointment on +44 20 396 629 06. Our team will be happy to show you how PlanRadar can work for fire engineers or QHSE professionals.

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