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Easy image and media documentation with your mobile device

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In the past, photo documentation was a multi-step process, with images needing to be downloaded to a computer, organised and transmitted to partners.

With PlanRadar you can tag and pin photos and videos on digital construction plans using a mobile device and share them in real time with other project participants.

Digitise your workflow in under 10 minutes!


With PlanRadar, you can record evidence on site with your mobile device. Add multiple images to help explain a task or log an issue and pin them to their location on digital construction plans. Record video clips to visually communicate key points.

Link your photos directly to captions, comments, voice memos and documents and ensure full transparency in your construction and real estate projects.

Communicate visually

Image material and all other stored data don’t have to be laboriously moved from device to device to be transmitted to other project partners. PlanRadar securely stores all entries in the Cloud and synchronises them in real time.

This means that everyone involved in the project always stays up to date. The software immediately informs you and your project partners about changes and deadlines to tasks via push notifications.

Evaluate & report

Track the number of created photos, tickets, and other metrics for each project. Create complete image documentation using individual and project-specific report templates.

Export photos, notes, documents, and all correspondence for a construction project as a report in PDF and Excel format at the push of a button. That ensures that you have evidence on-hand for any claims that arise after your project is completed.

PlanRadar offers user-friendly and time-saving photo documentation.

Images are automatically organised and shared with other project participants. Minimise time spent uploading and organising photos and videos in the office – do it all instantly while still onsite.

Digitise your workflow in under 10 minutes!

Benefits at a glance:

Organise and share images and videos in real time, saving time in the office

Attach media to plans, locating them right where they were taken

Create reports of all evidence collected and export them at the touch of a button