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Plan comparison with PlanRadar

Easy plan versioning thanks to automated plan comparisons

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When project team members use different plan versions, costly mistakes can occur.

PlanRadar recognises changes to plans and highlights them automatically in colour. This means that everyone is always working from the same digital blueprints and your site can transition away from using bulky paper plans.

Digitise your workflow in under 10 minutes!

Compare blueprints

Upload new plan versions within seconds and let PlanRadar automatically show you the differences from the previous version. All plan changes are highlighted in colour and displayed next to the previous version for direct comparison.

This prevents misunderstandings and helps you to understand how any changes will impact existing or future tasks.


If an updated plan is uploaded, the software automatically notifies all project participants of the change via push notification.

Add graphic elements and annotations to the plan and locate information and share data such as images, text messages or voice memos with other project participants by creating tickets and tasks.

Record plan versions

With PlanRadar you don’t only have an overview of different plan versions currently in use, but all older plan versions are stored in the cloud and can be called up for reference even after your project ends.

Checking, distributing, and approving plans is quicker and easier. The transparent workflow and the statistical evaluations that can be generated at the push of a button ensure a collaborative project environment.

PlanRadar ensures that you always have the latest project data and plans.

By highlighting changes in the plan, different plan statuses can be immediately traced.

Digitise your workflow in under 10 minutes!

Benefits at a glance:

All project participants are always up to date

All previous plan versions can be called up at any time for reference

Automatic detection of plan changes