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"A great advantage at this stage of the tender is the opportunity to declare that we use PlanRadar. We are going to continue using it in the future, because as a digital tool it can help us to improve our business success, first of all by optimizing business processes and increasing the efficiency of the workforce within the projects."

Marko Lokin,

Kamgrad Board Assistant

How Kamgrad Improved the Work Efficiency with PlanRadar

More efficient defect management on the construction site using the software

Kamgrad has been successfully operating for more than 40 years throughout Croatia — it has a lot of projects. Among the latter ones are the new airport terminal in Split, GTC Matrix A and B business buildings, GW Logistics Center, Grand Hotel Park Rovinj, Laguna Park Resort in Porec. Kamgrad Group is renowned in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Germany and Sweden, and taking into account subcontractors working for the projects in these countries and Croatia, the company’s team consists of 2,500 people. In 2018, the company’s historically record revenue reached 1.5 billion Croatian kuna.

Problem: to arrange and control construction documentation for the projects and to reduce the time for inspections

Marko Lokin, Kamgrad Board Assistant, is well acquainted with the tasks that Kamgrad needs to solve when choosing PlanRadar software. Due to the large number of projects managed by the company, it is daily faced with a huge amount of project documentation and simultaneous communication between many different project members.

Performing work at a high level requires a lot of effort, resources and time. Clear documentation and communication in the construction industry is the alpha and omega of success. If the events at the construction site are not recorded properly and accurately, then conflicts, misunderstandings, problems and delays of the project inevitably arise. Such an approach is just unacceptable for a company like Kamgrad.

Therefore, when PlanRadar was recommended to the top managers, they were intrigued. There was a need to optimize the business, increase the efficiency of the project teams, digitally monitor all tasks and defects, collect information about the project status and the progress of work on the construction site, keep documentation and manage tasks using software. And PlanRadar turned out to be the most suitable tool to cover all these needs.

Solution: construction giant Kamgrad, mutually with PlanRadar, ensured timely fulfilled tasks

It was decided that Kamgrad will use PlanRadar, among other projects, for the construction of Laguna Park Resort hotel complex in Porec for the investor Plava Laguna. Lokin explained that Kamgrad’s impressive volume of work indicates the need for a suitable digital solution: “The larger the construction site, the more problems it has, so today we constantly use PlanRadar. When we first show someone how PlanRadar operates, everyone always quickly learns how to work with it.” Lokin claims that it was PlanRadar that helped them at this complicated construction site: “PlanRadar helped us in Porec to control the quality of work and to record defects.”

Result: PlanRadar helps to speed up inspections and promptly react to defects

Today Kamgrad manages construction works using PlanRadar and does it in a modern, accurate and, most importantly, faster way: “Previously, we did everything manually, including documenting and monitoring defects, but today it is much easier and faster with one application. Decisions can be made quickly, in real time. Everything that needs to be changed or replaced on the construction site — everything is displayed in the application.”

“Everyone can see at the same time — the investor, we as a general contractor, the field supervisors — what tasks need to be done, what shortcomings there are, what is to be changed. This way, real-time information on one platform reaches everyone much faster.”

“The great advantage of PlanRadar is its ability to track possible errors during the execution of works, and the nuances that arise in the project at the design stage can be promptly eliminated during construction”, Lokin commented.

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Kamgrad uses PlanRadar for the following tasks

Construction Supervision and Inspections

Construction Supervision and Inspections

With PlanRadar, the company's specialists make on-site snag lists and compliance reports and supplement them with information in the form of notes, photos, videos, and voice recordings. And this information comes to the owners or tenants in real time.

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Checklists and data collection

Checklists and data collection

With PlanRadar, it is quick and easy to carry out on-site inspections on breakdowns, defects, and create full-fledged reports in one click, at the touch of a button, and send them to a subcontractor or project manager. Reports can be customized according to the company's internal standards using the flexible functionality of templates.

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Efficient Task Management

Efficient Task Management

Kamgrad relies on PlanRadar for task management: using a site plan, the task is accurately fixed indicating what exactly is detected (photos, videos are attached), and what needs to be fixed. All records and documents for the tasks, reports are available in one place for all project participants.

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