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Are Robots Rewriting the Rules of Construction?

There’s no getting around it: construction is a risky business. When you’re working on complex projects involving half-built structures, heavy machinery, ever-changing weather conditions, and the need to coordinate the activities of large work crews,… Read more

2024: A Year of Coming Together at Top US Industry Events

Our team is gearing up for an exciting journey filled with networking, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing at some of the most prominent industry events around the country this year. Here’s a glimpse into the events where you can find us throughout the year.

What Does the Rebirth of U.S. Manufacturing mean for Real Estate Construction

Throw a stone in America’s rustbelt, and you’re as likely as not to hit a tasteful warehouse loft conversion or former factory converted into high-end apartments. Over the past few decades, developers have leaned into the “adaptive reuse” of industrial premises, with at least 32,000 conversion projects completed since 2020. 

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