“Oh no! It’s not the right plan, there’s something missing. I’ll have to improvise.”

What are the most important documents and papers in your industry? Whether you are a planner, external expert or construction company, we know that the flood of paper is neither manageable nor in any way cost-effective, productive or sustainable. You might think that we are talking about marginal investments that you are putting into your projects, documents and construction plans. We´d like to give you some information which will enlighten you at this point and show you project management software solutions for your business.

construction document control software

Construction management and dealing with many contractors leads to plenty of paperwork. That’s why you certainly know the advantages of a VDR (Virtual Data Room) – nevertheless, even a VDR has some weaknesses and is often nothing more than the chaos of an unclear data conglomerate. So why don’t you manage to take the next step together with all your contractors, team members, and your whole business to access a time-saving software solution? We provide you with the latest innovation on the market. Contact us and test the demo version of our construction management software!

Here we present the new construction management software PlanRadar and show how quickly and easily these problems can be a thing of the past in the construction industry and civil engineering field. Learn how to save toner, paper, space and costs in your field of business! And remember, printed documents can cause costs for your business in many ways. In the following, we will illuminate this fact and give you all information necessary regarding your expectations from a cloud-based construction document control software. If you´ve any questions left do not hesitate to contact us for a PlanRadar demo version, which is available 30 days for free! Check our online blog to learn more about real estate and construction management with PlanRadar.

Printing costs alone sum up to a few thousand dollars per year

According to the old and new agreements in the planning and construction industry, the ancillary costs in the case of printing and paper costs must be invoiced according to itemization, unless a flat-rate agreement has been made in the course of placing the job. These are the costs of the primary level, which often end up in the planners’ hands. Do not underestimate the monetary value of construction management documentation in this field but instead learn how to manage them! Even with medium-sized projects, as the short sample calculation from the -IWW News Agency- shows, it involves several thousand dollars.

For printing costs and reproductions, a middle-sized planning office charged the client a total of 792 plans at 3.96 dollars each (= 3,140 dollars).

Multiply the calculated value of your construction project related prints by the number of your jobs in order to get an approximate picture of how much savings potential is available in the area of document printing & management regarding your own business! Aren´t we talking about an amount of money which would be nice to access for other reasons than spending it on project prints?

Experience has also shown us that this problem has far-reaching management consequences.

Parts of the usable floor area are uneconomically wasted on storing project folders in library-like structures and occupy so much space that involuntary relocations of entire planning offices and the whole team are the consequence! Aren´t we able to manage other solutions and learn from the past?

During the hiring, a few new employees, the resource -space- and thus the generation of space for workplaces played a decisive role. Architectural and planning offices must rent new premises in order to accommodate their employees.

This entails costs for relocation, work stoppages and also increasing rental obligations, only to give more space to the already existing chaos of documents. Do you need a management tool for this chaos? Project relevant documents and the huge amount of information bundled in here can be avoided by using a time efficient cloud-based, construction and document management software.

If you enter your own office today, what’s the first thing you notice? Look around you! Isn’t it the printers, plotters, fax machines, scanners and the result of their use? Shelves full of folders, labeled by year, project name, year-end closing? Protocols, floor plans, planning documents, inventories, defect reports, contract documents and much more… In general, a chaotic work environment! We want to help you to reduce this ballast by providing the best construction management software with PlanRadar. Document management, your team projects, and all contractors united in one mobile software solution!

PlanRadar intuitively revolutionizes and digitalizes your document flow in the construction industry while saving paper!

Invest in order, structure, and employees instead of your documents. These are the main tasks of a good construction and real estate management tool in this field! Each process of your job can now be supported by a construction and project management software.

The PlanRadar software allows you to upload your execution plans into an interactive interface within seconds. Our document and project management software is cloud-based. Now your work can begin. Changes to the plan can be recorded by the contractors or responsible persons directly in the construction plan, with the aid of tickets, without a long way around and directly visible to all project management participants. The inserted tickets can be supplemented with comprehensive data even from your mobile end device. Photos, text and voice recordings, as well as the assignment of any defects to a contractor, are possible without detours in an online document. Save on annoying, time-consuming meetings with all your specialty contractors and the constant printings of the current plan status. Instead, start to optimize labor productivity and each process connected to your job.

Your construction documentation management now runs directly via the PlanRadar App on your smartphone and tablet or directly via the web platform. Your data is stored in a cloud and changes will be updated as soon as an upright internet connection is established. Nothing gets lost or forgotten in this way. Share all necessary information with all contractors and manage your team efficiently with a nonstop access to all project management relevant documents and information. That’s what our construction software is doing for you.

The gimmick: Analogous documents, construction diaries, notes for variable planning statuses will no longer be printed. Changes in the form of -tickets- are stored chronologically based on your entries, and at the same time, they provide your access to a verifiable building documentation including every step taken by your contractors.

Use your resources sustainably! With PlanRadar you save time, space and money with a mobile, cloud-based construction and document management software solution!

Construction document control software – back then and now

Think back for a moment. How often has the paper form or a certain document led to confusion at all levels of information retrieval within a project? Daily!

What is the final state? Where do we continue to work? What changes and solutions still have to be made, who has the printout that I have to take with me for the project presentation today, and finally:

“Oh no! It’s not the right plan, there’s something missing. I’ll have to improvise.”

Years of experience have shown us that paper is often overestimated as a mobile medium and often ends up accidentally in the garbage, but until then it has already caused enormous costs regardless of its function as a general floor plan or superior document. You will never again have to confuse the plan status and justify yourself for missing additions. Save toner and paper by using a software solution that optimizes every single process during your job! It´s time for you and your team to change your habits regarding document gradation. With PlanRadar we provide you with an access to the best software solution connected to the real estate and construction management business and document organization during your project-related works. Learn more about real estate management and your benefits with PlanRadar and follow our online blog!

Technologies of virtual data rooms -VDR- try to give assistance in general and facilitate the management of entire construction projects and their participants. Nevertheless, here too, the waste of data sets that are no longer updated is collected and the processing of these datasets demands a great deal of logistical and organizational work from the administrators. This is where -PlanRadar- software comes in with its new features and enriches your company’s construction management strategy. Save costs, time, nerves and other resources. Contact us and gain an insight with the free demo version for your desktop or mobile end device. Finally, manage to get your own access to a software solution for the right management of your project and every related document.