Do you enjoy doing paperwork rather than being on the job site? We definitely don’t! But daily reports are important to know if a project is ahead or behind schedule. There are too many circuitous construction software programs on the market, that’s why we created the PlanRadar app for defect management and construction documentation. Our easy to use cloud-based software and app provides you with daily reports that can even be used in the event of a contractual dispute.

“Every construction manager knows those time-consuming activities keeping you away from your job on the field. You probably spend up to 60 minutes daily for documentation and spreadsheets. PlanRadar helps you save two hours of rework time for every job-site inspection hour” – Domagoj Dolinsek, CEO PlanRadar.

In this article, we’ll show you how to track the progress of your project on site and create daily reports in just a few minutes – even better, how subcontractors partially get this job done for you! No matter if you use a mobile device or if you’re working at your office. Get PlanRadar for free and let’s get started!

foreman with construction daily report app

Combining Construction Software with Social Technologies


“By using social technologies, companies can raise the productivity of knowledge workers by 20 to 25 percent.”

improved communication through social technologies

Source: McKinsey

To get a better understanding of the McKinsey study we must dive deeper into the topic. At first, we need to take a closer look at what exactly the terms “social technology” and “knowledge worker” mean. Afterward, we´ll explain how the PlanRadar app creates a contact between the tasks of a construction software, knowledge workers and social technologies in terms of teamwork.

Social technologies: this term relies on a technology that has been developed for the accomplishment of a particular social purpose, task or problem. Through the use of software and hardware as well as information technologies, processes are to be optimized. A self-explanatory example of this is “communication”.

Knowledge Workers: By this term, we mean people whose greatest value on the market is their knowledge. Examples of this are professionals, engineers, architects, physicists, lawyers et cetera.

PlanRadar combines the usefulness of a construction daily report app (for knowledge workers) with the profits of real-time communication (social technology) to help you get the full personal benefit of the McKinsey study mentioned above. We´ll show you how our service exactly works.

Construction daily report app – Awesome reports in only two steps

The key factor for comprehensive reports is a smart collaboration of all construction workers on the field. You won’t be able to track all information, tasks, defects, jobs, and certainly not all your projects on your own. So, let PlanRadar do the work for you! Here we go with the easy two-step creation of evidence-proof daily reports:

create a ticket with planradar


Creating a ticket with PlanRadar

There’s a job to allocate on the construction site. Grab your iOS or Android mobile device, open the PlanRadar app, create a new ticket, assign a responsible person, and add a picture, voice recording, or text. Last but not least, locate this ticket on your uploaded digital blueprint – where this job must be done! You can upload, use and store up to 100 digital blueprints with the pro license package. But before buying a license try out our software 30 days for free. If you still need any help contact us for a webinar, which is also free of charge.

Your employee or subcontractor will automatically receive a notification that there is an open task to complete. All necessary information can be found in the content of this message. Every progress on that task will be communicated to you via the app and will also be updated in the PlanRadar web app – this builds the basis for your company branded report! Even more: PlanRadar will store all information in the cloud and everyone, who was invited to the project and who was given the permission to, will get automated updates on that task on their mobile phones as well. This is how you produce daily reports in 2019.

An easy to use defect management system par excellence through working with SaaS (Software as a Service). Reporting and observing progress has never been that easy before.

Want to know what everybody is doing today? No problem – just create a new ticket and let everyone help you track their work on the field. Working smarter always beats working harder. Construction management apps are facilitating our everyday work in terms of money and time!

export your company branded construction report


Export your company branded report

  1. Login to the web app. You will find many more management features.


  1. Go to the menu item “tickets”, select “export PDF file”, create a new filter and choose your properties. You will get a download link for your daily construction report after a few seconds. There you can find all information about your project and the work on the field: project participants, (due) dates, pictures, task details, defects, plan locations and more (see photo below). Reporting operational procedures has never been so easy.


Besides daily reports, you can create entire construction documentation for all your projects and receive statistics about all tasks and tickets, employees or subs, the task’s progress, and become a PropTech manager in 2017. Use our free trial version for your projects related to the construction business.

Not in the office to enter the web app? No problem – get your daily report on your smartphone! That’s an easy and time-saving option with our application. You don’t even have to worry about a bad internet connection. Use PlanRadar in offline mode and it will automatically sync with the web app when you reconnect to the internet on your mobile device. You and your contractors will stay up-to-date from day to day!

What customers say about PlanRadar

Nowadays, we are proud to present hundreds of thousands of tickets created with the PlanRadar app across the globe. During the construction process, our business clients register massive time savings due to facile construction management facing 9x ROI by using our construction software and service every day instead of other apps! We are now successfully serving more than a thousand clients from the construction and real estate sector.Get the PlanRadar construction management app for free and start saving time on the field. Project managers can access key information and regularly updated reports within seconds – on any device! No more using notepads and technology from the 90s. Work with apps in 2019!


Why is a detailed daily report so important?

Detailed daily reports help your business to track progress in the construction area. They are especially important when it comes to compensation or warranty claims because of delays—and we don’t have to tell you that delays are common in the construction business. Contractors often record delays on a daily basis, but when the delay continues, they neglect to record its continuation. This can create the false impression the delay was only temporary. Potentially resulting in a delay in the whole construction project. Detailed reporting about hold-ups and the reason for them is one way to remedy defects promptly and get back to schedule.

In order to show you the extent of delays and an inadequate organization, we would like to draw your attention to some very prominent examples in the construction industry. They made it into the headlines of our newspapers.

over-budget construction projects in comparison


Rising costs in the construction industry are linked to all sorts of factors. However, the biggest influencing factor is ongoing construction operations. Poor organization results in delays, deficiencies in construction, failure to meet deadlines and consequently the partial stoppage of the construction area. Depending on the size of the construction project, this results in very high running costs. Badly stored materials become unusable and have to be procured again, unfinished and underused work might break down and has to be carried out again. In the meantime, building site overheads for supply, machines, personnel, and rentals add up. With PlanRadar you can eliminate these costs and control them. Reporting, scheduling, and remote monitoring are some of the key functions needed to observe a building project. PlanRadar is the first tool to offer you the chance to do so with an intuitive application.

Statista’s chart shows us that these problems occur internationally and are capable of increasing costs to more than double the agreed/forecast values.

If you record the number of people on site in your reports the client may only reimburse the contractor for a lesser number. Sometimes, you’ll have the problem that your client does not want your records submitted in your format, but rather on their own. If this is the case, you definitely should try to convince your client to accept your daily report where all of the above-mentioned recordings are contained.

This is the only way for you to minimize risks and not to become a part of a future survey by “Statista”.

Any questions left? Do not waste your time or hesitate to contact us!