Stay informed with statistics & export functions

Monitor and share project status with ease.

With PlanRadar you can access project statistics and export project data in just a few clicks.

Note: This guide is for the PlanRadar web version

1.View project statistics

What’s the status of works in your project? Where should you expect delays and which team members have already finished most of their tasks? With PlanRadar’s statistics function, you keep an overview of a project and individual jobs. This enables you to react promptly to developments.

To view project statistics, go to “Statistics” in the left navigation bar and choose your project.

View project statistics

2.Data export

The creation of reports for in-house documentation or to meet legal requirements is an important part of every project. Doing it manually can be tedious, which is why PlanRadar allows easy data export with the click of a button. Within seconds, you can download full and individualised reports that include all data, including images, dates, and a record of the communication between all project members.

To export project data or tickets, go to “Tickets” in the left navigation bar and choose your project and project layer. Then, click the “PDF export” button, choose the filter and template for the export, and confirm your choice.

Data export