Looking to jumpstart your PlanRadar journey? You’re in the right place!

This quick guide will help you learn the basics to get started.

Note: This guide is for the PlanRadar web version

1.Create a project

Projects are the foundation for easy and fast collaboration with PlanRadar as they hold all the information regarding the people and tasks involved. Creating a new project gives you control over various aspects such as which people are involved, their duties, and the kind of information they work with.

To create a new project, simply click “Create project” and add the wanted project details.

Create a project

2.Upload a blueprint

With PlanRadar you can situate defects, tasks, and other facts on a blueprint with just the tap of a finger. This allows your project partners to easily locate jobs and other issues.

To upload one or more plans, open your project, select the tab “Plans and layers”, and click on “Choose a plan file”.

Upload a blueprint

3.Add a form

Through adding a form to your project, you can define what information your team can collect and share on the site.

To add a form, open your project and select the tab “Forms”. Then, select a form by clicking the + Assign Form button to add it to your project.

Add a form

4.Add users

PlanRadar is all about efficient collaboration. Adding people to your project allows you to easily share information with team members in real time. To add existing users to your project, open your project, select the tab “Add Users”, click the blue button and choose the person you want to add.

To create and add a new user go to the menu item "User Management" in the left navigation bar, choose "Users", click "Create user", add the necessary information and assign the user to your project

You can also invite users to your project who are already using PlanRadar. To do so, go to the menu item "User Management" in the left navigation bar, choose "Users", click "invite user", add their details and assign the user to your project.

Add users

5.Create a ticket

Through creating tickets, you can easily record snags, defects, and other issues and share them with your project partners. Whether it’s a detailed description text, due date, or an image – with a ticket you can provide your team members with all the information they need to finish a job.

You can create tickets both in the web version or when using the PlanRadar mobile app.

To create a ticket, go to the menu item “Tickets” in the left navigation bar, choose your project, and create a ticket anywhere on the construction plan.

Create a ticket