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About Warland Consulting 

With over 10 years of experience in passive fire protection, Warland Consulting offer detailed and transparent passive fire solutions for the construction industry. Their team of qualified consultants guide construction companies through passive fire safety across the project lifecycle from design, pre-built systems approvals, on-going site inspections, final compliance documentation and reports. 

They are dedicated to offering comprehensive fire safety consulting services, fire safety audits, inspections, certifications, products and more for customers across Queensland, Australia.  

After searching for a platform that allowed consultants to pin audit records, documentation and media directly to a plan, Director and Fire Safety Advisor David Warland reached out to PlanRadar for a solution.  

The challenge: Accuracy, time and cost 

The Warland Consulting team faced a significant challenge in efficiently creating passive fire registers and marked drawings for building projects while adhering to their rigorous standards. Prior to adopting PlanRadar, the Warland Consulting team relied on time-consuming admin processes and various software tools to compile photo records and manually generate Excel registers for each project. 

Historically, Warland Consulting encountered several obstacles when it came to creating comprehensive passive fire registers and marked drawings. The manual process of collating photos and manually entering data into Excel registers proved time-consuming and costly to check. This approach also impacted the team’s ability to efficiently manage and track the fire safety status of various building projects.  

To overcome these challenges, the Warland Consulting team sought a modern software solution that could automate the evidence collection process – ensuring accuracy, consistency, and ease of use. 

The solution: A customised software solution with real-time, accurate reporting 

The PlanRadar team created a custom set of features designed specifically to address the firm’s passive fire safety needs.  

The platform empowered the team to create passive fire registers with ease, incorporating photo records of each penetration as required. With PlanRadar’s pin-to-plan interface, the Warland Consulting team could efficiently mark drawings directly to the plan with precise locations, attaching media evidence to each ticket instantly, and enhancing clarity and compliance. 

“PlanRadar has provided us with a robust solution for audit data management and analysis. The software’s centralized system allows us to store, structure and retrieve critical project information quickly.” – David Warland, Director and Fire Safety Advisor, Warland Consulting 

The result: Significant time savings and instant, transparent inspection recording 

By adopting PlanRadar, the platform provided a centralized system where the team could seamlessly collaborate and access project information in real-time. PlanRadar’s automatic data entry and photo integration capabilities eliminated the need for manual data input and improved accuracy. This streamlined approach reduced administrative burdens, allowing the team to focus more on critical fire safety assessments and recommendations. 

The platform’s automated register generation eliminated the time-consuming task of creating fire safety penetration registers manually. Instead, the team could quickly generate comprehensive registers that included accurate photo records for each penetration. This enhanced documentation not only ensured compliance with industry standards, but also improved project transparency and streamlined communication with clients, contractors, and regulatory bodies. 

By digitizing their passive fire registers and marked drawings, the Warland team could efficiently track and monitor the fire safety status of each building project, providing a holistic view of compliance and identifying potential risks in real-time.  

Using PlanRadar, Warland Consulting has commenced comprehensive fire safety installation and auditing works across numerous Tier 1 projects throughout Queensland, for some of Australia’s largest construction companies. 

“With PlanRadar, we have been able to automate previously time-consuming tasks, such as creating Excel registers and marking drawings manually. We can now focus on more critical aspects of our fire safety assessments, saving admin time and making our time spent on site more efficient.” – David Warland, Director and Fire Safety Advisor, Warland Consulting 

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