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Retail commercial construction shaping the industry growth in 2019

14.05.2019 | 6 min read | Written by Alexandra Hasek

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The value of the commercial industry today is that it formulates new levels of luxury in the most-loved action for anyone, “shopping.” Moving to the economic benefits you will find that commercial construction is one of the cornerstones of economic development in most of the world, especially in the US. It was found in commercial real estate development association NAIOP research foundation’s report that new real estate projects of the commercial sector supported around 6.25 million American jobs and contributed by $861 billion to the US gross domestic product in 2016. Real estate funds as a whole are expected to set up, a record of $180 billion in global capital is flowing to the real estate private sector. The demand for an advanced kind of investment in the secondary markets is pushing them to flourish more than the capital cities market, and this open new chances for starting a business. If you are an investor, you will find the recent trends you need to know in this article that will help you to modify your future business strategy.

  1. First, you will know what the main commercial risks are and how to overcome them.
  2. Second, you will discover the latest innovation in designing and building your retails facility.
  3. Finally, you will find out the basics principles to plan your commercial construction project.

Risk Management in Construction Projects – Commercial Risk Analysis and Techniques

A commercial construction project is not the same as of any sort of projects. Instead of having one client you will have one owner and thousands of clients who will use the facility afterward. You are now supposed to design and build something that satisfies the project owner in addition to achieve the required task of it. And to do so you have to face the first construction monster which is sudden risks. Basically, you go for a commercial risk management plan to provide management for the financial and contractual, aspects of the project. First, for the financial management, the risk analysis plan will help you to minimize the effects of sudden defects, delays, labor shortage on your project budget. Controlling financial problems leads to a smooth construction process with no tension and interference. To do so you will need to implement a computerized system to ensure that you are eliminating the human error ratio from all the operation. Now you got newly developed software as PlanRadar that you can use wherever you are to monitor any anticipated defect or incident, and immediately forward it to the responsible manager. Second, for the contractual aspect, you must know well that the relevant and sturdy contracts will save all your rights and be your way to conciliation. To pass this step safely you have to go for a trusted legal organization to support and analyze every item in the contract and ensure that every project party understands well his rights, and obligations. Your new business is somehow like your newborn child you have to take care of it, spare no effort or money for his success and always keep updated to offer him a healthy growth environment.
Let’s get to a piece of important creative advice to enhance your retail project efficiency and productivity.

4 Latest Commercial Real-Estate Pieces of Advice to Change your Design Perspective

Using the traditional methods in constructing new retails facility will not lead to anything but boring non-efficient commercial places. The world is setting new strategies to attract more customers out from their online shopping chair into the stores. According to a survey done by comscore, American consumers purchased more than $46 billion online between November and December 2013. Can you guess today’s number? The situation is challenging for traditional retailers to develop new attractive methods to renovate their stores. Next, we will tell you the latest strategies you need to adopt to have an updated and creative marketplace.

Utilize existing technology to your advantage
Creativity and innovation are two of the most attractive tools that can bring customers back to the shopping malls again. However, the only way to fight the technology is using technology as well. Recently developed methods such as 3D hologram advertising tools are already being installed in some shops to provide a catchy and impressive shopping experience.

Go with the trend. Go green.
Sustainability is not yet a general demand for many retail facilities, but they will be very soon. Applying the LEED standards is starting to turn out to be the most requested for office buildings and hotels and seems to now be flow over to the commercial construction sector. This materializes to constructing new zero- energy consumption commercial or food places. in addition to the environmental and economic profit, this will be a source of attractions to many customers. Small tips can turn your retail shopping from a normal to a sustainable one by using energy saving appliances, lighting, and HVAC system. In addition to using an automated system to email the receipt instead of using paper and replace the plastic bag with the reusable one.

Not just a shopping destination
Whether you are designing a new shopping mall or doing a renovation for a new one the best thing you can do to enhance the client’s flow is to include other activities that have nothing to do with a classic shopping experience. Now, most of the malls include cinemas, a virtual reality gaming area, workshop places, or even a concert hall. This way you increase the attachment of the clients to the place and grant a sufficient working rate in the non-shopping seasons.

Special new experience every time
Monotony is the biggest enemy to the shopping malls. If, after many visits, the customer will blindly know that he won’t encounter anything new and exciting, then he will quickly associate his visits with being boring. A good retail place should provide multiple faces on special occasions as serving homemade meals and handcrafts products giving the authentic feeling. And some other time it’s the eastern festival full of colors changing everything around. This will make you always want to go to see how the entire space is changing.
Following some of these methods will help you to grow your business and renovate your existing ones. Next, we will help you to know more little tricks everyone needs to know before composing a small commercial business plan:

Commercial Construction Management Business – 6 Major Planning Principles

Planning is your first step to success in your business. Working in the commercial construction management sector accordingly raise your expectations to the expected output and the risks you realistically might encounter. If you want to have a closer look at the basic requirements to start your retail building business check the next pieces of advice.

  1. Know your client well before starting to design.
  2. Develop your business plan with a specialist and with the exact numbers.
  3. Choose your location upon a study for this region needs and potentials.
  4. Keep your papers verified and legal and do all your necessary licensing.
  5. Secure your financial situation.
  6. Monitor your working flow yourself.

By following all these pieces of advice you will find yourself facing a multi-sectoral process. So, what can help you is just implementing a few touches of technology to your work. Try to have a construction management software that can operate some frequent tasks as saving important documents or tracking the project defects. All that you need, and more is in PlanRadar software, Try it for 30 days free of charge and you will get impressed with the final yield.

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