PlanRadar Connect

powered by Workato


Where should I start?

You can find our Getting Started guide here.

PlanRadar Connect is based on an embedded integration of the powerful Workato workflow solution. You can access the documentation at or from the PlanRadar Connect page in our Web application (click Resources in the top menu to the right).   Also checkout all the training videos provided by Workato on Youtube.   Please remember that we have embedded Workato into our product and some screens will have a different look. However, the workflow builder, dashboard, and all other tools are exactly the same, you just have to sign into PlanRadar and use it from there.

Within recipes you define triggers and actions. A task is more or less the execution of an action when the workflow is executed. You can read more about tasks here.

Since PlanRadar Connect is based on Workato, tasks are counted as defined by Workato.



You can search here for Connectors provided by our partner Workato:

You can use the general purpose HTTP connector provided by Workato or build your own Workato connector using the Connector SDK. However, this will require development skills. We currently do not provide custom software or connector development.

PlanRadar Connect can be used by all our customers who signed up for a Pro or Enterprise plan February 2022 or later. The feature is not included in legacy plans (before February 2022).

1,000 tasks per month per account are already included without any extra costs. Add-on packages with more tasks per month are available for purchase. Please contact us. We also offer dedicated support packages for integrations. Please contact us for details. If you have your own technology/development team, you can use PlanRadar Connect on a full self-service basis. Please bear in mind, that apart from documentation and training videos, no technical support will be provided by PlanRadar in this case.