PlanRadar construction contractor software: How to lower tensions between project members

Especially in the case of small businesses in the construction industry, which often has to make very favorable offers in order to remain competitive, even small mistakes can lead to the financial ruin of a business. So, it’s no wonder that the climate between constructors and planners is often very heated and hard to manage. Everyone is at some point in the liability.

Read in this article how PlanRadar saves your company about 9.000 USD a year and smoothes the hierarchies in the construction industry through:

  • the direct contact to the interlocutor without the detours of the -warranty etiquette-,
  • an equal footing without temporal and nerve-wracking delay, and
  • preventing misunderstandings and increases the willingness of all parties to perform.

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No construction industry without hierarchies?

Many construction contractors working on the same job or project will cost you and your business time to manage all individual needs. You´ll have to find solutions and support communication between all parties to come to satisfying results. Discontented workers and contractors are a high risk. In many corporate structures, a tendency in recent years has been observed to keep hierarchies within the company as flat as possible in order to increase productivity or improve the working climate. This still does not apply to the construction industry and project management. The scope of warranty obligations is so far-reaching and endangering the existence of the company that it is not possible to allow oneself to act outside the network of strict regulations. Estimating risks, in general, is a great support to all contractors working on the job. Communication between planners and construction companies must, therefore, comply with the strict formal requirements of the written form, be confirmed on receipt and answered within a fixed period of time.

Furthermore, an enormous administrative effort is necessary in order to document the fulfillment of one’s own duties in a verifiable manner. Concrete examples of this can be found, for example, if the contractor satisfies his obligation to check and warn in the event of recognizable defects or justified concerns, or if he provides information and suggestions for the correction or improvement of certain services or even the implementation plans. Software products concentrating on construction management try to help and offer solutions for an optimized project management. But which software fits the needs of your business and construction job?

Only thanks to his high-quality work, can the contractor succeed in pulling his head out of the “vicious cycle” in the long term. Our new software PlanRadar wants to prevent this from happening and helps you to minimize your risks. By offering our demo version for free we want you to get an insight into the potential of an optimized construction management.

No more formal written communication with PlanRadar

PlanRadar would like to solve all these problems. Tickets inserted by the project participants in the building plan are visible to everyone and can be linked to photos, texts, voice messages and assigned to specific persons. Formal written communication, which often costs a lot of time and often increases the tensions caused by their processing time, can be replaced by the help of PlanRadar´s software. Cost efficiency through standardized communication is one of our big goals and makes us different from other software products on the market.

Nevertheless, no one has to forego a conclusive documentation. At the end of the day, liability exclusion counts for all contractors. For this purpose, the history of each communication, order placement, personal assignment and order acceptance, including attached documents such as plan sections or photographs, can be exported as a chronological log either in the form of a PDF or Excel file. Cost estimating and accounting will be comprehensible through precluding missing manpower or unclear rejected services.

The preservation of evidence and documentation in this way allows the saving of a separate administrative effort and imprudent defiant reactions. All cost causing processes as a result of shortcomings on the job-site are linked to responsible contractors.

Greater willingness to perform through construction contractor software

The general contractor as a contractor of a construction project provides all necessary construction services up to the completion of the building project. In such a case, the -general contractor contract- is used to clear all rights and obligations between the client and the general contractor. Accounting, estimating, products, processes, and manpower are all integrated into his accountability.

The agreement between the above-mentioned parties refers to services which the general contractor assigns to subcontractors. This partly illustrates the extent of responsibility that a joint venture usually has to bear until the completion of a building. The construction business and especially general contractors need support, to manage the performance of all contractors on the construction site.

In this context, conflicts on the construction site can arise for many reasons. Those who cause the biggest costs are usually deficiencies in project work and counterproductive behavior. Construction mediation has the task of conflict management, while the management, in turn, has the task of prevention and risk avoidance. You can find solutions and support regarding your project management integrated into one software.

The software innovation -PlanRadar- aims to address this issue and to reduce the additional outgoings resulting from ambiguities of responsibility, time expenditure, and possible court costs. Your business, your contractors and your management will be enriched by new software on the market.

Save time, money and nerves with PlanRadar. Try our demo version 30 days free of charge and learn how easy it can be to manage your construction job with our integrated tools. Make your business skyrocket without unnecessary arguments between you and your contractors on the job-site.