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“After introducing PlanRadar, we were able to hand over our biggest project to the client with the best finish to a job that we’ve ever had.”

Luke Chambers,

Director at HCIP Ltd

The next level of successful project handovers

How HCIP Ltd use PlanRadar for defect management and snagging on interior fit-out projects

HCIP Ltd have over 30 years of experience in the interior fit-out and refurbishment field, working on projects both large and small. Based in West Yorkshire, their core team has 13 full-time members of staff. They also have between 50 and 80 subcontractors working on their projects at any one time, enabling them to take on work across the country.

After receiving feedback from a client that their snagging process could be improved, HCIP Director Luke Chambers and fellow directors Shaun Carter and Gary Haigh began the search for a software solution that would improve their capability in this area.

The challenge: seamless snagging and defect management

Previously, HCIP had been using Site Audit Pro for snagging but found that while they could log certain details, it was difficult to maintain a complete record of all snags and report them to the client in a cohesive way. It was therefore difficult for HCIP to provide evidence of completing snagging. Any solution had to offer full documentation of all snags collected within a project.

The team of directors considered a few different software solutions, downloading several apps for testing on their mobile devices. However, when they found PlanRadar it was immediately clear that the software met all of HCIP’s needs in terms of snagging. After reaching out to PlanRadar and a series of meetings and demonstrations, HCIP decided to use PlanRadar on their projects going forward.

The solution: PlanRadar supports snagging and more

During the initial set-up, HCIP selected and customised the forms and reports they wanted to use immediately. With the support of PlanRadar’s team, the software was rolled out onto HCIP’s most valuable project to date. The large-scale office fit-out at Alderley Park required around 30 to 40 people on-site, with the number of different specialists required at all times making it a challenge to manage. The site was able to remain operational during the COVID-19 lockdown in early 2020 with several additional health and safety measures in place. This added another layer of complications.

Luke and the HCIP team used PlanRadar principally for snagging, but the software quickly opened the door for digitisation in other areas of project management. HCIP progressed to using PlanRadar for benchmarking, progress reports, equipment registers and a wide range of checklists, with further customisation enabling them to use their own standards.

The result: ‘The best finish to a job we’ve ever had’

The initial rollout of PlanRadar proved to be a success for HCIP. The first major project where the software was in use resulted in the best quality finish that the team had ever achieved. Luke credits PlanRadar as being a major part of this achievement, serving as a tool that allowed HCIP to deliver the highest quality results for their client.

Following this, HCIP rolled out PlanRadar to all new projects and then to all existing projects across the company for snagging and other project management tasks.

One of the unanticipated benefits seen by HCIP is that contracts managers now easily have oversight of the projects that are further away from the main office in Yorkshire. With active projects in southwest England, the Midlands and near London, PlanRadar gives HCIP the ability to actively monitor progress on those sites even when not physically present. This was especially relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic when social distancing measures were in place on sites.

PlanRadar has proved to be an effective solution for snagging, documentation and communication, enabling the team to provide their clients with comprehensive snag lists and other reports. Moreover, the increased digitisation of HCIP’s internal processes is enabling them to reach new heights of best practice.

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HCIP uses PlanRadar to support these tasks

Snagging & Quality Assurance

Snagging & Quality Assurance

HCIP use PlanRadar to manage their snagging process, capturing evidence including photos and plan annotations.

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Reporting & Handover Documents

Reporting & Handover Documents

With reports generated at the click of a button, HCIP can share full snagging lists and other reports with clients.

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Subcontractor Management & Communication

Subcontractor Management & Communication

Subcontractors can access PlanRadar via free accounts. That means HCIP can easily assign tasks then monitor and sign off on their work.

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