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The Architecture of the Future

Findings from PlanRadar’s research into Buildings of the Future

In June 2022, PlanRadar conducted a research project into future trends, priorities and strategies for architecture according to leading industry voices in 12 countries. In this eBook, we take a closer look some of the key trends. To understand how architects in the countries we work in are adapting to change and are planning for the future, we decided to conduct in-depth research to learn what experts predict architecture in their countries will look like in the coming decades. 

This eBook does not aim to describe well-established changes that have been documented in great depth elsewhere. Instead, our goal is to compare and contrast what national governments and experts in architecture and urban development foresee for the future of architecture in their countries. This report explores how government bodies and industry experts in 12 countries think the course of architecture and urban development in their nations will evolve in the coming decade. 

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