ATP Zagreb has reduced time spent on defect management by 50%


ATP Zagreb has reduced time spent on defect management by 50% with PlanRadar

How the ATP Zagreb team used PlanRadar for construction supervision of 6 retail buildings

With more than 900 employees, ATP is one of Europe’s leading integrated design companies. ATP was established in Innsbruck in 1951 as a traditional architect firm. Since 1976, the company has developed from a highly specialized bureau into an interdisciplinary partnership which provides clients with an integrated service offering all architectural and engineering services from “a single source”.

ATP has 11 branches in different countries, and it is one of the leading architecture engineering companies in Europe. The company has a revolutionary approach to design: architects and engineers work together as a team and actively collaborate from the very beginning of each project. ATP’s major clients are from Central and Eastern Europe.

There can be no first-class buildings without effective construction documentation. PlanRadar allows our architects and engineers to work fast both on site and in the office.

Christoph Ahammer, Founder CEO of ATP

The problem: How to optimise and speed up the fixing of defects on construction sites

We use interdisciplinary practice. “We have architects, design engineers, electrical and mechanical engineers,” said Branko Knezevic, Managing Director of ATP Zagreb, architect engineering company. “We also have our own BIM department, as we have been working with BIM models for almost 10 years.”

Previously, the recording of defects required site engineers to have several devices and documentation detailing the conditions on site. Additionally, it took much more time for the staff to process this information in the office. Fixing defects required a large amount of different work, which was problematic for the ATP engineers because of the considerable resources required to supervise the construction site

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% time saved on defect management


Eurospin projects used PlanRadar


% reduction of working costs

The solution: PlanRadar has reduced the time it takes to produce defect lists by 50% and increased the productivity of construction control engineers

Transparent communication through PlanRadar is critical for the company’s success. ATP uses the software to communicate with various external partners, such as investors and subcontractors. “Unlike the old communication channels, PlanRadar works seamlessly. Whereas communication via email can lead to accidental data loss,” Branko Knezevic noted.

The most important feature of any software is usability. Engineers and architects at ATP usually work on several projects at the same time, so they do not have much time to learn new complex technologies. With PlanRadar, even novices can create their first project in a very few minutes. Another advantage is that the application is amazingly flexible and can be easily customized. ATP adjusts the projects in PlanRadar according to their requirements from the very beginning. Users can easily customize different parameters and functions in the application.

The result: PlanRadar has provided seamless communication between the construction site and the office

ATP required an IT solution that would save employees’ time during defect management. And only one tool appeared to be a win-win option. The company was looking for a software that had been developed by experts with a thorough knowledge of the construction sector, who understood all of the problems and challenges. This is why ATP has chosen PlanRadar.

Despite the well-functioning formula of interdisciplinary teamwork, during the design phase it was very important for the architects and engineers from the ATP Zagreb team to find a solution that would reduce working time and costs during construction site supervision..

Fixing defects required a large amount of miscellaneous work, which was problematic for ATP engineers because of the considerable resources required to oversee the construction sites.

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The result: PlanRadar has provided seamless communication between the construction site and the office

We no longer need to bring construction plans, recorders, cameras, pens and paper on site. And we don’t have to spend a lot of time on detailed plan revision and logging the defects. With PlanRadar, we reduced time sent on defect management by 50%. Now we do a lot more in less time.” Licensed engineer and Managing Director of ATP Zagreb

Branko Knezevic, Licensed engineer and Managing Director of ATP Zagreb

ATP uses PlanRadar for the following tasks:

Defect management

With PlanRadar, ATP engineers on site record defects and attach photos, videos and voice memos directly from smartphones to the tasks they create. All information is delivered to the customer or contractor in real-time.

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Defect management

Construction supervision

PlanRadar gives you the opportunity to perform construction and technical inspections of several projects: user-friendly dashboard displays the status of all tasks along with overall progress of the project. Quick assignment of new tasks pinned to the construction plan.

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Construction supervision

Digital reports

Construction defect management reports can be generated with a few clicks using the selected form. Reports on the project status and the condition of the facility are just as easy to generate and can be sent immediately to all employees and partners

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Digital reports

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