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"Using PlanRadar, we’ve been able to get rid of all unnecessary paperwork and have completely replaced site worksheets."

Hayleigh Lake,

Britannia Acoustic & Fire

Tamper-proof audit trails for fire prevention

How fire protection contractor Britannia Acoustic & Fire use PlanRadar to document installations

Britannia Acoustic & Fire Ltd, a prominent fire protection contractor in Essex, aimed to meticulously document fire prevention installations and manage project details more efficiently. By adopting PlanRadar, the company not only met their need for detailed, tamper-proof audit trails but also greatly simplified on-site documentation for both site managers and subcontractors, reducing paperwork from up to five pieces daily per worker to a few digital entries. Now used in over 20 projects, PlanRadar has enabled Britannia to save time, ensure thorough documentation, streamline communication, and provide comprehensive, real-time progress reports.

Britannia Acoustic & Fire

The test: practical applications on-site

While Britannia’s directors briefly considered using BORIS software, after a demonstration of PlanRadar it was clear that the software was flexible and could cover all of Britannia’s needs. One challenge that was highlighted to overcome was how the site team, and subcontractors, in particular, would adapt to using an app.

In order to test PlanRadar with the site team, it was first introduced to subcontractors on a small project. During the test, subcontractors found that PlanRadar could replace all of their paperwork, which was sometimes as much as five pieces of paper that needed to be filled out before they finished their day. Once it was clear that this time could be saved, the subcontractors and site managers were enthusiastic about using PlanRadar.

Today, Britannia have used PlanRadar on more than 20 projects and intend to continue using the software on each new project in the future.

The major project: cladding remediation work


Following the successful small project test, PlanRadar’s value became even clearer on one of Britannia’s largest projects to date. The project required the installation of compartmented fire protection to the exterior of a large block of flats. With cladding already installed on the flats, Britannia’s team needed to first remove the cladding to install the necessary fire protection measures and then reinstall the cladding. This required the expertise of an abseiling team and all tasks, therefore, had additional challenges caused by working at height.

Due to new, more stringent safety regulations regarding cladding, every step would need to be thoroughly documented and photographed. This documentation would have been exceptionally time-consuming to complete manually. The client also required real-time updates so that they could monitor progress throughout the project.

PlanRadar enabled Britannia to deliver the project on time and with all of the necessary evidence safely logged. By creating tickets for each action and logging progress and photographs on a digital plan of the façade, the team was able to ensure that each element was successfully installed. They were also able to account for the materials used, the personnel involved and the date and time of each action and provide the necessary photographs.

In addition, PlanRadar’s flexible report templates made it easy for Britannia to provide their client with regular, thorough progress reports. In the end, Britannia were able to successfully complete the project and pass it to NHBC for quality control and sign off.

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A solution for Britannia – and their clients

For Hayleigh Lake, Office Manager at Britannia, PlanRadar has streamlined several tasks. Her responsibilities include setting up new projects with digital plans sent by clients, assigning the site team to the project and selecting the tickets and lists they’ll need to use. Site supervisors are added as in-house users, while subcontractors use free subcontractor accounts to access their tasks and track their work.

Lake also uses PlanRadar to run reports for clients. Some only require a report at the end of a project or at key milestones while others need a more regular supply of information. She also credits PlanRadar for lightening the load of paperwork. “Using PlanRadar, we’ve been able to get rid of all unnecessary paperwork and have completely replaced site worksheets. I also don’t have to pull together different pieces of paper in order to update our directors on a site’s status, they can log in to the system and easily find the information they need.”

While using the software doesn’t prevent problems arising in a project, PlanRadar does make it easier for Britannia to identify issues. For example, Lake notes cases where the management team could see from PlanRadar’s user statistics that certain subcontractors hadn’t logged into the app or looked at their tasks. They could also see how long subcontractors were spending on a specific ticket. That meant that they could intervene before receiving a report from a site supervisor.

PlanRadar gives Britannia the tools they need to document and report their work to clients while saving the team time, reducing paperwork, simplifying communication and giving them oversight of all their projects.

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Britannia Acoustic & Fire uses PlanRadar for these processes

Real-time task & subcontractor management

Real-time task & subcontractor management

With flexible ticket formats and up-to-date user statistics, Britannia can log every action taken on-site and effectively manage their subcontractors.

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Fast reports & documentation

Fast reports & documentation

With flexible report templates, Britannia uses PlanRadar to generate client-ready reports in seconds.

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Evidence collection & audit trails

Evidence collection & audit trails

With the ability to log photos, videos, voice notes and plan annotations, PlanRadar creates thorough, tamper-proof audit trails.

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