Customer Story

"PlanRadar adds value to our company, especially when it comes to incident handling, favouring immediate communication and much more efficient management."

Maite Vich Albalate,

Quality, Prevention and Environmental Manager

EIGO is committed to the continuous improvement of quality, safety, and environmental processes.

This construction company improves the efficiency and the process of its ISO certifications by using PlanRadar

EIGO GESTIÓN DE OBRAS is one of the top 5 Spanish construction companies within the logistics sector.  

The team is made up of more than 100 highly experienced industry professionals, proving their success with a large portfolio of satisfied clients. 

EIGO has recently certified its Integrated Management System ISO (9001- 45001-14001), proving its commitment to the satisfaction of its clients and the continuous improvement in its execution, safety and environmental quality systems.  

PlanRadar is closely linked to the company’s purpose and philosophy: “building trust”, which is why they have opted to include the use of our tool in their daily work. 

PlanRadar is closely linked to its ISO certifications process

EIGO joined PlanRadar with the purpose of improving its project management processes in terms of safety, health and the environment. The platform has been successfully adapted to the company’s needs and objectives, for example by customizing forms and reports for SGS-granted ISO certifications. 

Maite Vich Albalate, QSA Manager, shares with us her experience with the PlanRadar platform. “… I started using PlanRadar over 2 years ago. At first, I mainly used it for checklists, and I saw great potential in the tool. Currently, PlanRadar adds value to EIGO in the management of OHS, both in-house and with external partners.” 

Thanks to the support offered by PlanRadar and the prior experience of their Quality, Prevention and Environmental Manager with the platform, the company was able to successfully integrate the tool. 

What are the main advantages of PlanRadar for EIGO?

As the main benefits of the platform, EIGO highlights the management of inspection points and related reports, the communication of incidents to vendors related to occupational health and safety and the drafting of reports for certifications. These include, for example, the certifications related to the sustainability of its projects such as BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) and LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design). 

Thanks to PlanRadar, incident reporting is reduced to a few minutes. Once the incidents are detected on site, pdf can be downloaded directly to a mobile phone and sent to the worker or company, which greatly speeds up the work. 

Next goal: Continuous adaptation of PlanRadar to other business processes

The Quality, Prevention and Environment Director is confident that they will continue to use PlanRadar in the long term and in virtually 100% of their projects. Their objective is to continue working on a continuous and appropriate adaptation for their employees, clients and partners. “EIGO is a people-centered company” so each one of their steps is focused on the satisfaction, improvement and well-being of the entire team. 

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Main uses of PlanRadar in EIGO:

Management and reporting of inspection sites

Management and reporting of inspection sites

PlanRadar greatly streamlines the management and communication of incidents. It is possible to instantly download the report or to send the ticket directly to the relevant person, while on site.

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Drafting of reports for certifications

Drafting of reports for certifications

With the PlanRadar platform, it is possible to generate reports adapted to the specific needs of each client.

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Project monitoring

Project monitoring

The project dashboard and other features of the platform make it easier to monitor and track projects.

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