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"The advantage provided by PlanRadar is improved control of all processes, fast and efficient construction, better quality"

Neven Martinek,

Director and Co-owner of PDM Savjetovanje, Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineer

PDM Savjetovanje d.o.o: the efficiency of construction supervision with PlanRadar

Easy and fast defect recording on construction site

PDM Savjetovanje d.o.o – is a team of specialists with extensive experience in implementing various projects: hotels, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, logistics centers, etc. (Zagreb International Airport, Arena Shopping Mall in Zagreb, Westgate Shopping Mall, Erste Bank office building, Konzum Logistics Center in Dugopolje, Rockwool Plant in Potpican, KBC Zagreb Hospital and Merkur Zagreb Hospital).

PDM Savjetovanje is engaged in the projects of both private investors and international financial institutions, as well as projects funded by grants from EU funds. The staff includes about 20 employees, including 9 certified civil engineers. 

Main activities: construction supervision, consulting, project development, feasibility study, design, owner engineering (construction supervision and project expertise), technical expertise, quality control, and cost control. This leading company uses the best digital tools to work with projects of varying complexity.

Problem: ineffizientes Fehlermanagement

Früher haben die Ingenieure und Ingenieurinnen von PDM Savjetovanje die Fehler mit traditionellen Verfahren behoben. Das Team von PDM Savjetovanje stellt fest, dass die Software von PlanRadar sehr effizient und für das gesamte Team praktisch ist, unabhängig von ihrem Alter: sowohl für erfahrene Ingenieure und Ingenieurinnen, als auch für jüngere, fortgeschrittene Teamspezialisten und Teamspezialistinnen. 

Daher setzt PDM Savjetovanje seit vielen Jahren PlanRadar für die Aufgaben ein, mit denen sich die meisten Beteiligten der Baubranche auseinandersetzen müssen und die auf jeder Baustelle auftreten: „Wir verwenden diese Anwendung für den Baubetrieb, um Baumängellisten zu verwalten. Je 10 m² Gebäudefläche treten durchschnittlich 1–2 Baumängel auf.“ 

Martinek betont: „Unsere Bauleiter nutzen PlanRadar für verschiedene spezialisierte Aufgaben. Mit dieser Anwendung wird effektiv eine Datenbank aller Mängel und Fehler gesammelt, und Fachleute haben eine bessere und transparentere Vorstellung von dem erkannten Problem, da Fehler durch eine Markierung auf dem Plan behoben und mit Fotos und Videos direkt im Ticket ergänzt werden. Sie müssen nicht mehr mühsam Daten in Excel-Tabellen eingeben, separate Aufzeichnungen in Word erstellen, alles manuell versteht sich, und zudem auch noch ein Bautagebuch auf Papier führen.“ 

Solution: with PlanRadar, PDM Savjetovanje has achieved simple and effective defect management

PlanRadar also proved to be a useful digital tool when working with official construction documentation and made it easier for PDM Savjetovanje to communicate with colleagues within the project: “With this application, our engineers were able to create detailed and relevant tasks for contractors quickly; and each task clearly indicated what needed to be eliminated containing photo facts and a pin on the drawing, as well as to receive feedback from responsible persons about a task fulfillment. 

Result: full and transparent coverage of the situation on construction site

Thus, using PlanRadar offers many advantages for construction projects. The main advantages are that all team members have a single database and in real time, always at hand, available on any device. 

PDM Savjetovanje used PlanRadar for project handover using its digital format with a complete list of defects”, Martinek explains. “We will go on using it, first of all, to provide full and transparent coverage of the situation on construction site and fix defects, as well as to improve communication with a project team. 

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PDM Savjetovanje uses PlanRadar for the following tasks

Digital reports

Digital reports

With PlanRadar, the engineers make snag lists on-site and supplement them with information in the form of notes, photos, videos, and voice recordings directly from their smartphones. All information can be sent to the client or contractor in real time.

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Construction supervision

Construction supervision

With PlanRadar, you can perform construction and technical control of the construction site directly from your smartphone: to fix defects and design features, to create tasks directly on the drawing. It is possible to create a full report in one click and send it to the client.

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Project management

Project management

In order to be as effective as possible, PDM Savjetovanje relies on PlanRadar: every action for assessment, acceptance, and identification of problematic areas is recorded in digital format. All project tasks are clearly collected in the dashboards.

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