General contractor software-The double safety method

Architect Inside House Being Renovated Working On Plans Using Laptop And Talking On Cellphone

A general contractor software ties multiple inputs as economic, legal, managerial and technological solutions. Whereas what defines you as a successful general contractor is how you managed to complete the building construction with maximum profits. These profits are mainly generated due to existing risk management plans and predictive maintenance strategies that enhance property planning and constructing phases. On the large cycle of the construction project, there are two main aspects that you have to assure, the building’s and labour safety. A proper general contractor software matches the need to provide the previously mentioned, allowing you to inspect any defect and document instantly. Any forgotten defect or form of miscommunication with your team members can be fatal at some stages.

Building safety

A general contractor software with defect tracking will provide higher quality production for the building considering following the design guidelines and building codes. In addition to that, an online cloud contractor software that allows you to upload, organize and update your documents additionally saves your legal documents to be ready for any needed time.

Labours safety

With the help of contractor software, you can easily track your labour tasks, working hours in addition to identifying everyone’s location on site. This benefit glow in the time of any hazard when you want to ensure that you have totally cleared hazardous space, and everyone is kept safe.

General contractors get new work from different ways, open bid, negotiated contracts and recommendations. However, maintaining a good reputation and widening your business network is the main support for your work. All business sizes can benefit from an app that supports efficient quality control and safety plan.

Small general contractor software with big profits

You don’t need to be a contracting company owner to start using general contractor software. In fact, the software has bigger impact on the small projects. In big projects usually there are separate departments responsible for each task, on the contrary from small projects where a general contractor can be responsible for managerial and administrative tasks beside his regular technical tasks. The UK small and medium-sized enterprises are spending an average of £35,600 every year on administrative tasks making in total £39.9bn burden on UK economy. In case you don’t know how a contractor software for small business can help you eliminate these tasks here are how it can help through the project phases.

Bidding process:  In this stage, the software eases the process of general contractor inviting subcontractors to bid and share the project plans, specs and conditions. Aside from giving the general contractor chance to know how many current bids are still open and which subs responded to his invitation to bid.

Construction workflow: After finishing the bidding phase, a contractor starts to do his work on site. In this phase, he has to keep an easy way to communicate with his subs, consultant and owner to keep them updated with the project workflow and any arising defect. A general contractor software provides an enhanced communication way through the app that is free of stressful formalities.

Project Closeout: In the time of the project closeout, every project participant starts to rush finishing an open task, ending legal papers, ensuring the project quality, finalizing maintenance plan and completing the financial statement of the project. Such software will untangle these interlacing layers, giving you chance to document and save every project aspect separately.

Daily challenges such as difficulty in keeping project budget and schedule running as planned happen in almost every project. The software role is not preventing them but how you deal with these problems and come out always as a winner. Don’t let these challenges be an obstacle or overwhelm you with stress. Instead let this be your motivation for a better project output.

How to make your Contractor software free of stress

The construction industry is one of the most stressful work environments one can work in where almost half percentage of employees suffer from mental or physical illness because of stress. A survey made by Obby, a leading marketplace in the UK showed that between more than 1000 construction workers more than half of them admitted that they do “little or nothing” to manage their stress. Its an additional burden the worker carries even after working hours every day that surely affect productivity and efficiency at work. Aside from that employees start to suffer from unbalanced social life, changes in personality, more frequent health problems, lack of motivation, more sense of isolation and even going far to anxiety and depression symptoms. In the construction industry the reason for this stress might come from:

  • Heavy workload.
  • Recurring work business trips.
  • long working hours.
  • Feeling of employment insecurity.
  • Difficulty in communicating.

In order to overcome these stress triggering factors managers should give attention to how to minimize these reasons at work. Adopting a technology tool such as contractor software will give a chance to minimize some working hours, enhance communication and minimizing work pressure. PlanRadar as a defect tracking software is one of the best choices for contractors to fulfil their projects free from stress and delays. Now you can easily export a contractor punch list within a few minutes that ties all the project defects, forward it to the responsible member and check from its completion without leaving your place.