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Due Diligence
with PlanRadar

Complete inspections of properties with your mobile device

Some of our successful customers

Completing building documentation during due diligence can take a lot of time.

With PlanRadar you can easily record all structural and technical building parameters on your mobile device and pull them directly into a report, saving you time and effort.

Digitise your workflow in under 10 minutes!

Capture information

Thanks to PlanRadar’s customisable forms, you can easily record all the necessary data about a building using a mobile device. Use checklists for standardised and efficient information collection.

Add images, plan excerpts, notes, voice recordings, and documents (such as strategy papers, balance sheets or technical specifications) to tickets. Easily define recurring tasks for maintenance or repeat inspections.

Communicate in real-time

All recorded data can be shared with your project partners in real time. Forward potential deal breakers, risk assessments and estimated costs immediately to the responsible contracting partner.

Easily carry out and coordinate real estate valuations with regard to factors such as sustainability or energy efficiency and ensure they’re safely stored for you to refer to later.

Evaluate & report

With Planradar’s statistics function, you can visualize the status of a property in seconds. Generate detailed due diligence reports of real estate at the push of a button.

Create individual report templates and define data fields to automatically compile documents that show at a glance where the strengths and weaknesses of a property are.

Export the compiled due diligence reports at any time as a PDF or Excel file and share them with your project partners.

Using PlanRadar, the outcomes of property inspections can be documented with the tap of a finger.

Communicate data in real time and speed up the creation of property valuations and structural or technical reports.

Digitise your workflow in under 10 minutes!

The benefits at a glance:

Speed up the due diligence process by documenting results digitally

Find and communicate deal breakers and problems to be solved immediately

Create detailed analyses and reports at the push of a button