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Plan annotations with PlanRadar

Add and share notes on digital plans in real time

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Adding notes to construction drawings can be time-consuming and expensive, especially when you use paper plans. Information can get lost, leading to errors, delays and rising costs.

With PlanRadar, you can add annotations directly to digital construction plans, wherever you are, and communicate with project participants in real time.

Digitise your workflow in under 10 minutes!

Annotate on the go

If a project requires unforeseen construction work or repairs, PlanRadar gives you the tools to record the necessary changes onsite using a mobile device. To add annotations to the plan, just select the relevant section of the drawing, add highlights or create a ticket with just the tap of a finger.

Stickers allow you to circle problem areas, while text enables you to add explanations. You can also add photos, voice memos or text annotations to tickets before assigning the task to the appropriate member of the project team.


Communication with all project participants is made easy with the PlanRadar app. All team members can be immediately notified of changes that affect them, including any updates to the construction plan, via a push notification to their mobile device.

Plan annotations let staff and subcontractors alike see at a glance where work is required. Contractors can also add information to a form and leave comments, so all communication is in one place and centred on the plan.

Create custom reports

All plan annotations and other collected information are logged and stored in the cloud. Data can be searched across projects using filters and can be retrieved at any time, even years after the project is completed.

PlanRadar makes it easy to keep complete construction documentation for handovers or your own records, allowing you to trace every interaction or change made. Custom reports allow you to create documents containing all of a projects defects, including plan annotations and photographs that were sent to contractors.

With PlanRadar you can add notes to digital building plans and blueprints in seconds.

You can save valuable time by adding annotations on the go and making sure that all team members are working with the same information.

Digitise your workflow in under 10 minutes!

Benefits at a glance:

Identify issues and communicate efficiently without relying on paper plans

Digitise your existing processes to save time

Trace all interactions and keep complete documentation