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Key benefits from attending Real Estate industry events?

09.04.2019 | 3 min read | Written by Alexandra Hasek

Real estate industry is moving so fast and the only way to catch up with this move is to be knowledgeable enough with the sector events. It’s a great opportunity to meet the industry peers and keep an eye on the recent technological trends. In addition to that, it provides you with sufficient new ideas that can improve your business and gives a good impression of your existence in the market.

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The events and conferences always bring together the top professionals in the market, it’s a chance to discuss your ideas and learn new insights from them. You don’t need to be a business owner to attend these events. You can be part of the industry who want to improve himself or even a curious learner who wants to know more about the field progress. Keep yourself inspired and don’t miss all these advances you gain from attending the industry events.


What are the Different Types of Real estate Events?

If you ever got confused between the various titles for each event, we gathered here the main types of the events in markets so you can easily distinguish between them.

Conference: A meeting that is made for people who are working in the same industry to discuss new trends and giving an opportunity for everyone to tell his new contributions in the field.

EX: 7th Annual Conference on Sustainable Real Estate – New York

Congress: A congress is a meeting for a group of individuals that are made regularly to make decisions through debate or voting.

EX: Real Estate Fachkongress- Leipzig, Germany

Exhibition/Expo: A large-scale exhibition that focuses on B2B business to show and market for the recent technological tools and software in the real estate industry.

EX: Real Estate Expo 2019 -Tampere, Finland

Fair: Another type of exhibitions but its purpose is to show and market for the new industrial products. Usually, include offers on purchasing materials and construction supplies.

EX: Design Build Sydney, International trade fair for construction technology

Summit: Summit is an international meeting including top-level executives in the same industry to discuss their updates and integrate their work together.

EX: Future of Real Estate 2019 Tech Summit – Miami

Forum: An assembly meeting to share questions between shareholders in the industry and generate new ideas as an output.

EX: Tri-State Institutional Real Estate Investor Forum- New York

Awards winning events: As an attractive point to the participants, some events are giving awards to industry-specific inventions of the year.

EX: MIPIM Awards

Each one of these events will give a different experience and will be an added value for your career. Don’t underestimate the importance of these events and plan for your 2019 calendar now.


2019 Top Real Estate Events you should go for

If you are interested in this industry and you got lost between different events, here’s a list of the most important real estate events in 2019 with their locations and dates. Prepare yourself and hopefully we will see you there.

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