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Accept the change and empower remodeling software

26.08.2019 | 9 min read | Written by Ralf Steger

There are many reasons for conversion and extension work. Investments are made to achieve functional improvements, to increase the value of a property, to organize rooms, to optimize energy efficiency or simply to upgrade the interior plans. What you may not have known is that according to a study by the Statista statistics institute, around 41% of the remodeling design work exceeds the planned budget.

Man working on a new kitchen installation and looking at blueprints

How could that be? Is it planning, organization, management or unforeseeable costs? We would like to inform you about the opportunities you have to bring a positive influence on the development of your business. PlanRadar is more than a 3D hobby kitchen planner or floor plan software. We support clients and contractors in their professional work on major projects. Learn more about the features and possibilities of completing your job within the set budget without having to make compromises.

Also, learn:

  1. How you can support your project with software,
  2. how interior design and defects are connected,
  3. why reconstruction work requires management and
  4. which paths you can take in the course of digitization.


The market for architecture apps is saturated. Wherever you look, mobile phone apps appear that promise everything under the sun. What you can actually expect from these amateurish tools is not much. Only a few of them go beyond an easy three-dimensional kitchen planning, adapting wall colors and measuring a living room window. That’s why PlanRadar created easy to use floor plan tools for your interior design and remodeling work. Our software features are indispensable for specialists as designers, architects, and general contractors.

PlanRadar knows that much more is necessary for the implementation of conversion work in the field of interior fittings in order to transform a job into a successful project. As a building contractor, you and all your subcontractors must adhere to the planning specifications. You should be ideally positioned, especially when the task of implementing interior design is no longer for a single-family home bedroom where all you need as a designer is adding new room or new kitchen, but for an office complex or industrial building. Deviations from the agreed service will be punished mercilessly since you not only cost the client money but also burden your own wallet. Shoddy craftsmanship is one of the core causes of any budget overrun.

Please be aware that it is not only direct defects in the object that cause costs when they are remedied. It is the totality of all costs that occur due to delays that exceed the budget.

Delays are also the reason for stagnation in your own business. You should have finished your project floor plans long ago and already participate in the next phase, but you cannot because mistakes and inconsistencies prevent you from completing your job on time. Avoid such situations through working with our construction management and floor plan tools. It´s easy now to create a more efficient work environment. Add PlanRadar to your daily operating systems!

This is exactly where we intervene and support you as a contractor in the management of your work with the involvement of all your subcontractors. Use PlanRadar today for 30 days free of charge.


No matter whether conversion, extension or new building, processes on the building site and in the office must be optimized. If you are a designer who wants to design a home including all types of plans (every single room plan – kitchen plan – services spaces plans ) you should first create an initial model for the home through specialized remodeling software to seek proper quality of work.

The core for optimization lies in the unimpeded acquisition of information. Your subcontractors or employees have made a mistake that you happen to learn about from the local construction supervision? It is hard to find out who is responsible for this, and you also lack the time to do so, because you have to make an effort of finding the necessary resources to eliminate the error. You lose time, money, manpower etc… All this did not have to be! A simple construction plan software could have avoided this.What you need is not another busy person who deals with management and construction processes. No, what you really need is a tool to use that manages your construction site as well as your employees without any extra work. We are talking about a system that unites all project participants and can be operated by a device that everyone has with them regardless of their work. This guarantees an overall view!

PlanRadar focuses on exactly these questions. We have come to the conclusion that optimized management via the functions of a smartphone must be guaranteed. Only in this way is it possible for every employee to communicate design changes, corrective actions and unforeseen incidents within their work. But what’s more important is the ability to communicate in real time with those responsible. Now it´s your turn to create a smooth-running work environment and add an extra value to your business by using easy and intuitive software features.

Construction site management software

The basis of our defect management and documentation system is the digitized construction plan. It serves as a source of information to every employee. With the help of “tickets”, all processes on the construction site can be documented and recorded within the app. If you notice a discrepancy, take a picture, comment on it, locate it in the floor plan and assign the order to the person in charge to correct the defect.

You can now follow the progress of all ongoing design and execution works using a completion status report. Our system is being fed with all sorts of information by all those involved in the conversion. No matter if the architect, interior designer, building contractor, local construction supervisor or foreman. Our information pool grows synchronously with the complexity of your project and generates an overall view.

Don’t miss a thing, you can be certain that PlanRadar is the easy way to document each of your work steps chronologically and conclusively in a cloud. This data can be retrieved at any time for the purpose of securing evidence or in the event of liability issues.

Construction site management is a complex task that grows with the size of the construction site itself. We grow with you and your tasks! Start saving 7 hours per user per week!

Job tracking software for construction

A look back and a preview of the spending on interior design issues reflects the dimensions, and also their future order situation. Since 2010 we have had to deal with a continuous growth of the industry volume, although prices and performance pressure are constantly increasing.

Spending on interior design bar chart

„This forecast statistic shows the revenue of interior design services in the United States from 2009 to 2015, with forecasts up until 2020. By 2016, revenues of interior design services in the United States are projected to reach approximately 11.07 billion U.S. dollars.” – Statista

Now is the time for you to decide whether you want to remain competitive and get involved in this market or throw in the sponge. For example, if a room needs to be remodeled with a new design such as adding a small extra kitchen shelf, a designer is required to estimate the room’s requirements with considering the original home design. He has to consider that he is part of a bigger thing where implementing job tracking software is the first step to be taken. What for? Are you able to take time to control the processes that are your responsibility? Do you have the necessary resources? If your answer to these questions is “No”, then don’t despair just yet. Switch to the possibilities our digitized present and its software features offer. Many customers before you have taken the same step and are enthusiastic about the intuitiveness and functionality of PlanRadar. Take a look at some of our references. Our easy to use tools are implemented into different sectors of the construction industry. Interior design offices, architects, engineers, and general contractors benefit from our software features.

“Globally, labor-productivity growth in construction has averaged only 1 percent a year over the past two decades, compared with growth of 2.8 percent for the total world economy and 3.6 percent in the case of manufacturing. In a sample of countries analyzed, over the past ten years less than one-quarter of construction firms have matched the productivity growth achieved in the overall economies in which they work. There is a long tail of usually smaller players with very poor productivity, and many construction projects suffer from overruns in cost and time.

If construction-sector productivity were to catch up with that of the total economy—and it can—this would boost the sector’s value added by an estimated $1.6 trillion, adding about 2 percent to the global economy, or the equivalent of meeting about half of the world’s infrastructure need (exhibit). One-third of the opportunity is in the United States.”McKinsey

We want to ensure that one of the greatest countries in the world makes the most of its opportunities and starts digitizing remodeling and construction works right now! PlanRadar is your faithful companion in this endeavor. Start to use PlanRadar now 30 days free of charge and optimize your work with our tailor-made tools!

Construction project collaboration software

When it comes to the future of your company, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I still competitive or am I lagging behind my competitors?
  2. Do I struggle from project to project, just to survive, or are my assignments profitable?
  3. Are all processes in my company and on my construction projects running optimally?
  4. Do I keep track of my orders, the costs, and their benefits?
  5. Is my work-life balance well?


If you find it difficult to answer only one of these five questions with a clear “Yes”, the time has come for a new system. Use PlanRadar and effortlessly collaborate with everyone involved in the building process! Add a revolutionary system to your business and use real-time communication on the construction site via our floor plan tools to create an overall view. Together with PlanRadar, you start your management based on your manpower.  Whether from a smartphone, tablet or laptop, on the road, on the construction site or from the office, the flow of information stays constant. Your floor plans will be available to you from all operating systems. No matter if you´re working on Windows, Android or iOS!

Contact us now and find out more about the full range of functions of our software!

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