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Top 15 construction management apps for 2017

20.02.2018 | 7 min read | Written by Thomas Lehner

The construction industry and project management are becoming more and more mobile. While most employees own a smartphone and/or tablet, 50% of all construction companies spend their time using manual methods to manage their projects. For these companies, we have compiled a list of 15 awesome construction management apps and software tools! Learn about the best mobile project management software solutions and how to use them for your own business with your team.

construction management apps 2017

1. PlanRadar app & web app – best defect management and construction documentation

PlanRadar is an intuitive project documentation and defect management software solution for the construction business. All project participants can easily create a punch list, record defects with the smartphone or tablet, and assign them to the responsible subcontractor on the construction site. PlanRadar enables construction professionals to collaborate on projects from any Internet-connected device with access to projects, defect data (photos, memos, location on digital blueprints and more), drawings, and documentation saving up to 7 hours of work time weekly per construction project. Filter features allow a search for deadlines, tasks, subcontractors, and much more. PlanRadar is an enormous help and efficiency booster for the whole construction management team! iOS and Android apps available. Windows app is coming soon. Try PlanRadar for free!

2. SmartBidNet app & web app – bid software for general contractors

SmartBidNet is a tool for subcontractor prequalification and management. You can easily organize your bid projects by inviting subcontractors and obtaining bids. Also, you can share a custom form builder for detailed questionnaires that help you find the most qualified subs for your construction project. A documented overview of all bids makes selecting and concluding between subcontractors and their management effortless. Gain more free time with these software solution features instead of spending it searching for qualified subcontractors. SmartbidNet apps are available for iOS and Android devices.

3. Concur app – travel, expense, and invoice management

Concur is an automated travel and travel expenses software. It allows you to track, list and log your business expenses and also allows your employees or team to control and manage their travel. The software features include automated billing processes that enable you to reimburse costs quickly as well as adhere to travel compliances.

4. Procore app & web app – RFI management and accounting

Procore Technologies, Inc., is a construction project management software enabling construction project professionals to collaborate on a project as a team. Share and access documents like contracts, RFIs, schedules, drawings and more saves a lot of working hours on the field. With the help of Procore features, you can manage multiple projects and always keep an overview of the status of your construction project. In addition to project management, Procore offers other modules e.g. “quality & safety” and “construction financials” to be a great partner in Construction Industry!

5. ShareMyToolbox app – best for inventory management

Never search for tools on the field again – the ShareMyToolbox software will help and do the job for you by creating a list of tools and equipment needed for your job. These features will save you time and protect the contractor’s business investment on construction tools. Share your list with your employees and they will manage to lose fewer tools and have an overall view. Tools aren’t for free, use this app to save your expenses.

6. Time Equipment Production software & web app – risk, cost resources, and schedule adherence management

TEP supports front-line supervisors from the initial definition of the work package on to daily monitoring and administration tasks. The web-based platform with all its apps features, ensure quick identification and management of risks at your construction project as well as managing schedule performance, analyzing production, and documenting your project data.

7. Fall Safety app – a mobile safety application for field work

Fall Safety Pro can literally be a mobile lifesaver and great solution during construction projects! Hopefully, it will never happen, but if you work on the construction site and, for example, fall off a high scaffold, you’ll be glad to have the Fall Safety app. It can detect falls and issue automated alerts to your emergency contacts programmed in your smartphone. It will also provide your location data using GPS to ensure that your emergency contact will find you. First, Fall Safety was only available on iOS – now you can find it in the Play Store as well.

8. RedTeam app & web app – Your project from pre-construction to closeout

RedTeam is a management solution for managing all tasks from pre-construction to project closeout. It streamlines the pre-construction process by ensuring efficient communication with bidders, direct upload of vendor bids, handling addendums, and updated cost estimates. The creation of customer proposals (time, qualification, and conditions), as well as the cost estimation (piece calculation and pricing), help you to select suitable suppliers for your construction business and build a qualified team.

9. Autodesk Site Scan app & web app – BIM Software, use 3D model creation with a drone

Autodesk Suite is an aerial drone platform for automatically capturing and work with construction site data. Webinars are offered to learn how to deal with the drone and software. Get images, point clouds, and detailed information of your construction site area which you can easily import into other software solutions like AutoCAD, InfraWorks 360, ReCap 360, to get your job done in time. Free your mind and learn more about the possibilities new technologies like drones are able to offer for your construction management business.

10. GenieBelt app & web app – Learn about task and document management

Manage your construction projects with GenieBelt and see if workflows are ahead or behind. Features, such as assigning tasks to construction workers and monitoring their progress in Gantt charts, let you easily keep a project overview and help your business. A reporting feature enables you to access daily reports on progress immediately. According to GenieBelt, their software saves up to 4 hours working time per user per week. That is great management.

11. Pacific Timesheet app & web app– employee hours tracking and documentation for field work

You can access the Pacific Timesheet software with any mobile and Kindle device to track employee hours using an employee request and approval system. Web-based time clocks allow you to track and list an employee’s attendance at the construction site in real time which is captured from any location worldwide for easy management tracking purposes.

12. Plexxis Foreman app – timesheets and employee information

Plexxis Foreman allows employees to add and approve timesheets on the construction field in offline mode. Contractors can easily store their employee information or create custom forms, purchase orders, make calls, and more. Staff management par excellence!

13. i Auditor app & web app – inspection software

Do you still work with paper checklists? Then switch to SafetyCulture’s i Auditor software, it will make your job much easier! Create mobile checklists, conduct inspections, and get automated reports wherever you are. Best of all: it’s easy to use! Convert your paper sheets to digital files within minutes by dragging and dropping them into the web application’s interface and boost your efficiency through standardized inspections processes on the construction field. Reviewing your team’s performance, even offline, has never been so easy when it comes to construction management.

14. CCS Safety app – Learn about safety management

The CSS Safety mobile application features are used in the construction industry to review safety questions quickly. Over 10,000 safety questions in 175 categories give an overview of all questions important to contractors, owners, and construction and facility managers. You can review Toolbox talks as well as create and share custom reports as well.

15. SugarCRM app & web app – customer relationship management

The software’s greatest benefit is its flexibility combined with its intuitive customer experience. You can customize SugarCRM to your needs and use it for marketing, sales, and customer relations management purposes. This CRM is cheaper than Salesforce, however, you do not have to forgo data and analytics features. If you do not use a CRM yet, SugarCRM is definitely worth trying.

We advise you to be critical in your search for the best planner app android advertises to you. Don’t just pick any construction job scheduling software. Since we can´t tell you which project management software to use on your construction field and whether you really want to learn about the best construction apps for iPhone, iPad or Android, it is still your decision to manage the sector of your job with the best tools available. PlanRadar software is ready to help you in managing your project data efficiently and let you see all project updates. Make your choice for a good project management in your field of work. Use free trial versions to get deeper insights!

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