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New PlanRadar features for your mobile device

12.05.2020 | 3 min read | Written by Johannes Heinrich

Our latest features make working with PlanRadar on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets even easier. The new update offers additional options for recording and evaluating project information. This makes project management and collaboration with your team even more efficient.

New PlanRadar features for your mobile device - new voice recorder

Enhanced voice recording

Edit your voice messages up to a length of 5 minutes, according to your needs. The feature now offers a practical editor that makes editing voice recordings quick and easy.

Thanks to the new cropping function, you can select the most relevant information from the recording and remove unimportant content. Do you want to change part of the clip? No problem. Attach a new recording to overwrite part of the clip before saving it in the ticket through our redesigned user interface. This way, information can be collected quickly and shared with your project partners.

Fast add photo functionalitynew planradar feature multiple images per ticket

Fast add photo functionality

These two new functions for taking photos are based on suggestions from existing PlanRadar users.

You can now add multiple images to a ticket with one click. With our improved photo editor, you can go straight back to the camera after taking a photo, so you can seamlessly add multiple images to a ticket. In addition, you can now add captions to images for maximum clarity when sharing information. For even more advanced editing options like text overlays or background changes, consider using third-party photo editing tools.

Enhanced project statistics

Enhanced project statistics

Thanks to PlanRadar’s expanded statistics function and user metrics, you can now get an even better overview of your projects.

We’ve revised the interface of the project statistics dashboard so that you can see all the relevant information about a project in one glance. You can see the number and status of the tickets created, how many new users have been added and how many images, voice memos and documents have been uploaded in a given period.

Update your app

Please update your PlanRadar mobile apps to the latest version to make sure you enjoy all the latest features.

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