Every architect, planning engineer, construction specialist and every building company knows this problem regarding defects at the construction site. For example, a doorway is not big enough for a wheel chair user. Now, the craftsman has to communicate and discuss the problem with the planning site at the one hand and the planning side have to make corrections and explain it to the construction side at the other hand.

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This article is about how scheduling and tracking projects need a management project construction software to fix big communication problems between both planners and project members on site, and how to improve your daily routine with the PlanRadar management project construction software.




In big projects, a management project construction software is a need for tracking  tasks during the different phases of building, there will be several defects in every field of work. In our case, the craftsman does recognize that the doorway is not big enough for a wheelchair user. Now he has to inform the architect, that there is a problem at the construction project, based on his planning. He will call him on his mobile to tell him in the best way he can, what the problem is. Maybe he will describe the wrong door or tell the architect the wrong dimensions…

The architect, on the other hand must have timeto make a new plan with the use of the craftsman’s information. He has no time for visiting the construction field and the building company has no time to wait for the architect to come because of the projects strict timeline. As you can see there is a gap between the implementation of projects and providing the right documents. This could have been avoided with the right management project construction software for scheduling and tracking..

In case of misunderstanding or incorrect information, those who are planning will design the plan with false information, missing documents, missing details and a lack of control, so then the building company will receive the wrong plans. If then the construction goes on in this wrong direction, it will lead to structural damage which means project delay, rising costs, change management in one of the strongly contested building industry/construction business.




This is the point at which PlanRadar the management project construction software intervenes. It takes care of this problem by helping every participant to learn, manage and improve their workflow with a better, faster, and complete communication platform offering all the features and tools necessary for an integrated document- and project management. With the PlanRadar project management software, every planner or craftsman in the construction industry will get to his needed information immediately with full control regarding effective management in his field of work or business.

Deficiencies can get tagged with tickets directly onto the digital blueprints and everything will be accessible in real time via your mobile device! You may use your mobile phone as well as your tablet or laptop to document your construction projects even on the field. Each ticket can be supplemented with pictures, voice memos or a simple text. Furthermore, the communication between every participant is just as simple as the ticketing system so there is no possibility for a misunderstanding or loss of control as an issue based on a bad conversation or a missing document. Everybody who has joined the working group will receive an automatic notification as soon as the ticket has been created. This direct communication not only reduces the incidence of errors in the documentation of tasks, but also the time and costs of your quality assurance process. In order to make a decision regarding a construction management software, you need to have real reviews that tell which software best suits you, and have a variety of features between scheduling, tracking or team coordinating.




Let’s say the building company has a strict timeline and cannot wait for the ones responsible for planning to come on site. Since the following project will not wait for them to finish, calls are made to the architect or engineer, in which information and project details are going to be communicated even some of them will necessarily get lost. PlanRadar is one of the best tools in the construction management software market, the app succeeded in making a significant print in this field as it fulfilled the need for an integrated use, tracking tasks, time scheduling and many other features can be held for your project in an easier way now.

The engineer or architect will receive the call and be briefed on the issue. There is only a few information that you can communicate over the mobile phone, and a new plan must be completed without ever seeing the problem, based on trust not even documented in a picture. Each and every change needs a documentation to be evidence proof when it comes to shortcomings after finishing the construction.

So the planner must fix the problem with little information and the building company has to implement the new plans onto the construction. Different versions of information and bad communication cannot work well together. How many of these tough incidents in your construction business have to arise until we learn to do our projects with some helping features and tools which are available through construction management software to you and your business. Use cloud-based software applications to make your project’s productivity skyrocket and your reviews become real tasks.

With the help of PlanRadar´s Software for Construction Management, you will learn how to optimize and manage your workflow within your projects which saves you a lot of paper and time. Everybody knows what this means! You will save money! With the help of the perfect communication via the cloud-based system, as an architect or an engineer you can reduce your construction visits to a minimum, manage your documents in a cloud online and you can work efficiently at your office using the features of PlanRadar to change gridlocked project processes. As a craftsman, you will receive new information about tasks directly on your mobile end device and are no longer dependent on the inspections of the planners on the construction site.

It’s time for you to learn more about construction and project management with the help of a software application to bring your projects to the next level. Give it a chance with PlanRadar and its features 30 days free of charge!