What is “PropTech” and how does it impact the construction industry?

PropTech is the new definition for any technology related to the real estate and property management industry either in a software form as apps) or in a hardware form as sensors or materials. This industry has made a huge breakthrough since it started until now.

A report by yo startups showed that the investment in real estate startups have been almost doubled 40 times from 2005 to 2018 and it is getting higher. The initiative market to adopt these startups was the US market followed by China and the DACH region (German-speaking countries). By watching the total funding made for real estate startups one can simply recognize how fast paced this industry is changing the market. The way we build, rent, or manage our properties is transforming, keep up with the flow and know more about this revolutionary industry with its recent inventions and future predictions in this article.

Graph: Global view of investments in real estate startups in 2018

Graph: Total funding in real estate startups in 2018

6 Majors of Property Tech Apps that Enhance your Business

Technology solutions in the PropTech market are diverging to reach every small detail of the whole industry. You can find software specialized for almost every operation in the business. It’s not only a trend to follow but also a tool to minimize work stress and overload. If you are part of this industry here are the main types of PropTech apps. Search for your core category and pick what fits you:

Construction site management: Solutions that can be implemented in the construction phase on site to improve the operation itself as a communication tool between team members or to improve the building output using developed building installments and materials. PlanRadar software is one of the main startups in this sector now that supports a defect-free construction process. Try it now for 30 days free of charge!

Smart homes and sustainable services: This type of apps form a network that can be installed in your home to allow you to operate some services remotely and save energy. It is basically depending on artificial intelligence technology and the internet of things (IoT).

Real estate management: Solutions offered to manage the properties’ owners in marketing, renting, or selling their facilities. It also includes a database for tenant collection or financial management.

Facility maintenance: The software provided in this sector helps you to manage your repetitive maintenance tasks by scheduling and checking for completion. This way you never miss a critical maintenance operation again.

Building warranty: The new tools in this field ensure you a better insurance plan for your home against most of the natural or artificial damages.

Contract management: These solutions help you to simplify the process of making contracts, bidding and setting deals without getting in depth of details that lead to multiple disputes and litigations at the end.

Now you know what the main types in the PropTech industry are, make a business analysis either you are managing one property or a chain of hotels and decide what exactly you need to enhance your business. Don’t be left behind and benefit from this wave of development in the industry.


Future of Civil engineering in the Era of PropTech – Fictions are coming Real

Civil engineering is the core of the construction industry. When you revolutionize the way you use and create materials you are changing the sector as a whole. So far, a lot of fascinating new trends are evolving every day to help producing a building with a unique experience. The construction industry is waiting for substantial developed tools that will transform the civil sector to be implemented, here are some of them:

3D printed buildings

Now after we started seeing the 3d printed concrete walls we can easily hope for a full printed house at a blink of an eye. This machine works by making layers of concrete following a specific design. It can be a great solution to build in a cost-efficient and fast way.

Smart paving

It’s a new approach using the “IoT” to get the utmost benefit from highways as generating energy and charging electric vehicles. In addition to providing a safer driving experience by giving the drivers real-time information about weather conditions and congestion.

Smart bricks

Smart brick is a new technology in construction industry that is made of specific concrete to keep pace with different climatic changes resulting in an indoor thermal control. They are easily built and designed with an already existing space for electricity and sanitary fixation.

Biotechnology Elevation

A new age of innovation in construction industry started with the Bio Intelligent Quotient (BIQ) building in Hamburg, Germany. The building elevation is made of double glass panels that are filled with algae from the Elbe river, that are used afterwards to produce Bio-Fuel and other medical products. The building is considered an icon in energy efficient and resources management sector.



Kinetic streets

Another revolutionary invention are smart roads that can produce energy from footsteps, it can be used either indoor or outdoor, e.g. in a high pedestrian traffic area like a  shopping mall.

The future of construction industry seems glowing, waiting for these new technologies to come in action. Don’t hesitate to take the change decision, choose success, choose PlanRadar!

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