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From design to delivery: how to collaborate across contractual boundaries

23.10.2020 | 2 min read

Join us for a webinar on 2nd December 2020 at 10 am

Miscommunication and missing information are the most common causes of errors in projects. Software solutions facilitate early conversations between architects, engineers and clients during the design phase, preventing errors ahead of time. The best solutions also reduce time spent on reporting and enable pain-free handovers.

In this session, PlanRadar’s Nick Marsh will discuss how PlanRadar’s clients have approached these problems, increasing their ability to collaborate and improving the quality of their builds. PlanRadar’s software keeps all project members focused on the plans at hand, and mobile apps suitable for all devices means that the same information is accessible on and off-site.

The session will cover:

  • How to break down data siloes and create a collaborative environment
  • How STRABAG tracked progress and documented the renovation of Vienna’s U4 underground line
  • How zencontrol streamlined reports with PlanRadar
  • How clear communication and complete audit trails make handovers smoother
  • A demonstration of how PlanRadar can be used across project teams


With more than 8,000 customers in 45 countries worldwide, PlanRadar is a software solution designed by and for the construction industry.

STRABAG and the refurbishment of Vienna’s underground system

Bauarbeiten Wiener U-Bahn U4

The modernisation of the circular 3.8km-long western track section of the underground U4 between Hütteldorf and Schönbrunn stations was completed by STRABAG in just 128 days of construction work. Read more about the project here.

zencontrol & custom lighting solutions

zencontrol manufactures and distributes lighting and control products including lighting control gear and systems incorporating DALI. Their commissioning team has been involved in a large number of high-profile installations including the Royal Mail headquarters in London. Read more about zen control here.

PlanRadar: practical features for all projects

From distributing plans to all project members to managing tasks, completing checklists and compiling reports, PlanRadar’s flexible features add value to all stages of a construction project. Find out more about our software here.

You can also test PlanRadar’s features free for 30 days, with no obligation to buy.

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