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5 new features for more efficiency in construction projects

12.12.2019 | 3 min read | Written by Johannes Heinrich

At PlanRadar we constantly strive to make everyday work on the job site and in the office easier and to make processes even more efficient. That’s why we keep in close contact with our customers and partners to get feedback on existing as well as suggestions for new features. Shortly before the end of the year, we made a final sprint so that we can introduce these 5 new features to you.

New PlanRadar User Interface for Android App

New Android Design

PlanRadar on Android is now even clearer and more user-friendly. One example is that all project details are now structured directly into your application.

Dynamic placeholder for report export

Report templates with replacement tokens

This feature saves you even more time when creating reports on construction projects! In the templates, you can predefine text for fields that use repetitive text elements including the title or the final page. These fields then are filled dynamically with every export process.

Separation lines in ticket layout

Ticket Sections

Separate your ticket layout to bring clarity to your users by defining the individual sections of your tickets. Thus, the project participants find their way around faster.

Determine mandatory fields

Mandatory fields

In the layout function, you determine which fields in tickets are to be filled in by the recipients. Whether progress, priority, or deadline for a task – determine which fields in tickets are mandatory, and adjust it project by project to suit your needs.

Geolocation (GPS)

From now on you can also add GPS coordinates to every ticket created via the PlanRadar App. This allows your project participants to locate recorded tasks, defects and other issues in construction projects even faster and more precisely on smartphones or tablets. (The GPS feature must be enabled for this feature in the mobile app as well as in ticket layout.)

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